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Bahamas: E-Commerce


In May 2001, Systems Resource Group (SRG), a leading information technology, e-commerce and communications solutions provider in the Bahamas, announced the opening of its network operation centre in Freeport, Grand Bahama, since the Freeport market is seen as a major opportunity for the expansion of e-commerce. Through its new operating company in Freeport, SRG's subsidiary Bahamas On-Line has started offering corporate level Internet services to the Freeport business community. A major feature of the Freeport operations is the ability to connect businesses that have Nassau and Freeport offices; businesses which previously were forced to rely on inefficient voice or fax communications can now interconnect via the Internet.

In addition to Bahamas On-Line corporate Internet access, SRG also offers its range of Internet-based eFAX services in Freeport. Users of eFAX can take advantage of enhanced features for the sending of international faxes, including store and forward, broadcast fax, and accounting codes.

In the same month, e-commerce solutions company, Emagine Ltd., opened the Bahamas' first purpose-built data centre to house e-commerce businesses, with plans for expansion to larger facilities once the demand for the centre's services has been established. The centre will accommodate servers that can be used for all types of Internet business including website hosting, ASP services and data processing/distribution. Located at the heart of the financial services region of Nassau, the centre can house up to 400 servers.

Then, in June, Secure Hosting Limited opened a new facility in Nassau providing the offshore e-business sector with services such as commercial web hosting, server co-location, offshore encrypted data storage and virtual office solutions. In a statement released by Secure Hosting, the company's President and CEO, Gary Douglas, said: 'We are excited about providing services to our customers from the business-friendly environment of the Bahamas. With the new carrier-grade data centre and fibre-optic dedicated connectivity to North America, an unlimited opportunity for e-business has been opened.'

Mr Douglas added: 'The platforms are the first of their kind here and truly revolutionary for the Offshore E-Business industry. Businesses can now have North American connectivity speeds and reliability in a tax-friendly environment.'



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