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Aruba: Country and Foreign Investment

Import of Foreign Capital

There are no foreign exchange controls as such in Aruba, however foreign exchange transactions are reported to the Central Bank.

Payments made by residents of Aruba to non-residents in foreign currency (other than Netherlands Antilles guilders) are subject to a tax at 1.3%.

Exports of goods and services do not require a license, but export proceeds must be generally converted into local currency within eight working days or credited to an account with a local bank or with a foreign bank, which is notified to the Central Bank.

A license is required for the following transactions:

  • transfers of profits and dividends;
  • purchases from and sales to nonresidents of domestic securities;
  • foreign investments by resident natural persons exceeding Af 300,000 a year;
  • purchases from and sales to nonresidents of domestic real estate;
  • proceeds from the liquidation of direct foreign investments and loans received from nonresidents as well as loans extended to nonresidents;
  • and other short- and long-term investments by residents abroad and by nonresidents in Aruba.



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