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Aruba: E-Commerce


The Internet had, until recently, not had much direct impact on the conduct of offshore business from Aruba.

However, the market for telecommunications in Aruba has been liberalized. Besides SETAR N.V. (Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba), as the first provider of telecommunications there are two private companies that have obtained a licence to operate a mobile phone network. SETAR N.V. being the first provider on the island, provides most of the telecommunications services.

There are also additional internet service providers and high speed internet is available. However, broadband is expensive compared with other countries; at the time of writing an ADSL service with a 6-10mbps download capacity costs about Afl80 per month.

Nonetheless, the telecommunication infrastructure of Aruba has advanced in recent years and the island has both a fibre optic and digital microwave network. Aruba is also a landing point of the Pan American Submarine Cable System, and is connected with the world fibre optic network. International calls can be made to all countries in the world directly or via international operator service.

SETAR N.V. has a packet switching node for credit card validation purposes and additional data communication services. In addition SETAR N.V. offers a mobile communication infrastructure and a city-paging system for tone, voice (mail), numeric and alphanumeric options. A cellular telephone and trunking system (public mobile radio system) is also available.



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