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Anguilla: Country and Foreign Investment


Anguilla is a territory in the Leeward Islands, lying at the northern end of the Lesser Antilles Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Besides the main island of Anguilla, the territory also consists of a number of other small islands and cays. The islands are of low-elevation, having formed on the surface of coral reefs, and are covered by numerous bays with pristine sandy beaches.
Anguilla has a tropical climate and has little variation in year-round temperature. Rainfall is erratic, with the wettest time of year being the early autumn hurricane season. ┬áHistorically, hurricanes have been known to cause damage to the islands, with 1995’s Hurricane Luis being particularly destructive.

Anguilla is situated just 5 miles to the north of the French/Dutch island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. As a result of shared EU membership, Anguillian residents are entitled to visa-free entry to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten.



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