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Double Tax Treaties

This page was last updated on 11 Feb 2019.

In 2009, Andorra announced that it would conform to the OECD's exchange of information standards, and in September head of government, James Bartumeu, welcomed French Budget Minister, Eric Woerth, to Andorra to sign an agreement to allow for the exchange of tax information between the two countries.

The agreement was Andorra’s fifth in five days, having also signed agreements with Austria, Monaco, Liechtenstein and San Marino. Speaking after concluding the agreement, Woerth acknowledged Andorra’s commitment to transparency and information exchange, and noted that it had reinforced the jurisdiction’s position as an international financial centre.

James Bartumeu added that Andorra had reached an agreement to exchange tax information with Belgium, and was negotiating texts with Spain and the Netherlands. At the same time, Andorra was also in discussions with the United Kingdom, Germany (signed November 2010), Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden (all signed in February 2010), Australia (signed September 2011), and Argentina (signed October 2009).

In February, 2010, Andorra achieved recognition as a territory that has substantially implemented the internationally-agreed standard in transparency and tax information exchange with the signing of seven additional information exchange agreements with the Nordic countries - Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The signing with the Nordic group brought the territory’s total of such agreements to seventeen, far exceeding the twelve TIEA quota set by G20 in April 2009. Accordingly, Andorra was moved to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ‘white list’. Since then, Andorra has signed TIEAs with Poland and South Korea. Further TIEAs have been signed with Poland and the Czech Republic.

On 10 April 2012, Andorra and France initialled a double tax agreement following negotiations commenced during the second half of 2011. A meeting between French President François Hollande, President of the Andorran parliament Vicenç Mateu Zamora and Head of the Andorran Government Antoni Marti on 2 August 2012 at the Elysée Palace in Paris, discussed a new comprehensive DTA between France and Andorra.

Negotiations with Spain and Portugal are underway with a view to signing Double Tax Agreements in the near future. The Andorra Government is also in discussions with Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg for comprehensive DTAs.
Andorra is a member of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes and has agreed to participate in a peer review of its laws and practices in this area.


Latest Andorra Treaty Updates

Treaty Update: Andorra - Netherlands
26 November, 2020
Andorra and the Netherlands are engaged in negotiations towards the conclusion of a DTA, Andorra's Government announced November 18, 2020.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Cyprus
22 May, 2018
Andorra and Cyprus have signed a DTA, Andorra's Government announced on May 18, 2018.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Latvia
28 April, 2017
Andorra and Latvia have begun negotiations on amending their DTA.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Liechtenstein
13 December, 2016
The DTA between Liechtenstein and Andorra entered into force on November 21.
Treaty Update: Portugal - Andorra
03 October, 2016
Portugal's Council of Ministers on September 22, 2016, approved the DTA with Andorra.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Various
30 September, 2016
According to preliminary media reports, Andorra is to begin DTA negotiations with Belgium and the Netherlands.
Treaty Update: Ukraine - Andorra
15 January, 2016
Ukraine's Cabinet on December 30, 2015, approved a draft TIEA and authorized its signing.
Treaty Update: Italy - Andorra
02 October, 2015
Italy and Andorra signed a TIEA on September 22, 2015.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Portugal
01 October, 2015
Andorra and Portugal signed a DTA on September 27, 2015.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Various
24 September, 2015
Andorra indicated its desire to negotiate DTAs with Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia at recent meetings, the Government said on September 16, 2015.
Treaty Update: Czech Republic - Andorra
20 July, 2015
The Czech Government has visited Andorra to express interest in signing a DTA, the Andorra Government disclosed on July 3.
Treaty Update: Andorra - France
01 July, 2015
The DTA signed between Andorra and France entered into force on July 1, 2015.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Italy
29 June, 2015
Andorra's Cabinet on June 17, 2015, approved the signing of a TIEA with Italy.
Treaty Update: Liechtenstein - Andorra
19 June, 2015
Liechtenstein and Andorra initialed a DTA on June 9, 2015.
Treaty Update: Andorra - United Arab Emirates
08 May, 2015
According to preliminary media reports, Andorra and the United Arab Emirates are engaged in DTA negotiations.
Treaty Update: Spain - Andorra
14 January, 2015
Spain signed a DTA with Andorra on January 8, 2015.
Treaty Update: Andorra - France
11 November, 2014
According to preliminary media reports, Andorra ratified its DTA with France during October, 2014.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Korea, South
28 October, 2014
Andorra signed a TIEA with the Republic of Korea on October 23, 2014.
Treaty Update: Spain - Andorra
09 September, 2014
Spain and Andorra have agreed to begin negotiations for a DTA on September 22, 2014.
Treaty Update: France - Andorra
16 June, 2014
The French Government on June 11, 2014, forward legislation to the Council of Ministers that would ratify the DTA signed with Andorra.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Luxembourg
04 June, 2014
Andorra and Luxembourg signed a DTA on June 2, 2014.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Belgium
17 January, 2014
Representatives from Andorra and Belgium agreed to negotiate a DTA during a meeting on January 14, 2013.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Poland
20 December, 2013
According to preliminary media reports, the TIEA signed between Poland and Andorra will become effective on January 1, 2014, after entering into force on December 18, 2013.
Treaty Update: Andorra - Czech Republic
01 November, 2013
According to preliminary media reports, Andorra's parliament endorsed a law to ratify the TIEA the territory signed with the Czech Republic.
Treaty Update: Poland - Andorra
15 July, 2013
Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski ratified the pending TIEA signed with Andorra on July 9, 2013.
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