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Andorra: Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes

Employment and Residence

This page was last updated on 11 Feb 2019.

All foreigners wishing to work in Andorra need work permits. These are obtained by employers – whether Andorran individuals or companies – on behalf of employees. Self-employment is not allowed until after 10 years' residence or trade in Andorra.

A 2002 immigration law legalised the situation of about 7,000 long-term immigrant 'pink slip' workers, as well as setting new rules for issuing work permit quotas. These give first preference to citizens from Andorra's neighbouring countries, then to EU citizens, then to citizens of countries with which the principality has signed international agreements and finally to immigrants from third party states. Under the law, the government sets annual quotas for the issue of new renewable work permits.

There are separate types of non-renewable work permit for temporary and seasonal workers, to which the quotas don't apply. The holder of such a work permit must leave the country within one month of expiry of the permit.

Renewable work permits are issued first for 6 months, extensible for a further year; then a temporary residence card is issued valid for a renewable 2 years; then, a 5-year ordinary residence card is issued; and finally a 10-year privileged residence card is issued. Fees are modest.



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