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Andorra: E-Commerce


Andorra's economic policy encourages information technology operations. ADSL is available at 2 Mbps throughout the country, and broadband at 100 Mbps is available through fibre-optic connections in many areas of the country. Speed tests carried out by Ookla during July and August 2011 ranked Andorra 9th out of 172 countries with an average speed of 19.07mbps. The dominant Internet services provider is the national telephone company, SOM or Andorra Telecom. Internet penetration reached 83%. In early 2012, all 52,000 subscribers in Andorra had been upgraded to fibre-optic connections. Speed tests carried out by Speedtest.net in June, 2012, propelled Andorra to the number one spot for the fastest upload and download speeds in the world. See below for specific information on e-commerce in Andorra, or go to Offshore-e-com.com for an extensive analysis of the commercial possibilities and the legal background.



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