Swiss Financial Company & Trust

Weinberglistrasse 4, 6005 Lucerne, Switzerland
Tel: +41(0)22 566 82 44 | Website: my-swiss-company.com

Swiss Financial Company & Trust provides services relating to the formation and administration of companies in Lucerne, Zug, and Geneva, financial advisory services, tax and legal advisory services in Switzerland. Our clients are Swiss and international entrepreneurs, and we administer, in their best interests, holdings, foundations, and companies with varied activities in Switzerland.

About Us

Corporate services include formation and administration financial and trading companies in Switzerland, Swiss limited companies, Swiss LLC companies, holdings, associations, Swiss foundations, and domiciliation of companies in Lucerne, Zug, and Geneva.

Our fiduciary Swiss Financial Company & Trust S.A. differs from ordinary fiduciary service providers by its use of digital services for the management of your Swiss company. We use the performance and efficiency of modern technology to manage your company in a simple, optimal way.

Our expertise is available to help you manage your firm's capital and we provide a full range of financial advice services to meet the requirements of your specific situation.

We can open a bank account for your company in Switzerland tailored to your objectives, whether these relate to factoring, trade finance, or asset management. Our services cover all necessary formalities, including due diligence (KYC, AML) and the tax compliance forms (Fatca, CRS) until the effective opening for your company's business account in Switzerland.

We work with lawyers specialized in a range of areas, in particular the auditing and drafting of commercial contracts, obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland, and trademark protection, in addition to any other legal assistance that you may require. Our colleagues are all experts in their fields.

We also provide tax advisory services for companies in Switzerland, advice on VAT in Switzerland and Europe, tax advice for entrepreneurs and shareholders of Swiss companies, recovery of withholding tax and tax declaration filing.

Our goal is to implement the most effective solutions at competitive prices, so as to provide your business with the flexibility, value, and responsiveness so you can focus on what matters most: your business development. We believes that makes us an ideal partner.


Swiss Financial Company & Trust
Weinberglistrasse 4, 6005 Lucerne, Switzerland
+41(0)41 566 76 46

Swiss Financial Company & Trust
Rue du Rhône 14, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
+41(0)22 566 82 44

Contact Us

Weinberglistrasse 4,
6005 Lucerne,

Tel: +41(0)22 566 82 44
Web: my-swiss-company.com





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