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About Us

Corporate Service Provider & Accredited Agent of Malta Citizenship and Tax Residency Programs

Prospera Europe Ltd (Malta) is a member of the international consulting group Prospera, offering superior tailor made company administration and accounting services since 1992.

As licensed Corporate Service Provider, Prospera offers a comprehensive support services all under one roof, backed by 27 years of experience and expertise to meet all your needs when establishing your business in Malta, Estonia, Lithuania or other jurisdictions. Our clients, private individuals and families with their corporate needs all over the world have relied on our services, professionalism and integrity.

Malta pro-business government have created number of interesting opportunities, from Maltese Citizenship, Permanent Residency to ICO's , on line payment platforms, trade mark registration, aviation, shipping and so much more. Malta's system of taxation has made Malta a leading European financial centre. In an international tax and estate planning scenario, the selection of the location for a trading or holding company is one of the most important decisions to make.

We assist you to make that choice and help you to set-up and with on-going administration. Our aim is to remove the administrative burden to enable you to focus on your business.


For corporate clients

  • Establishing a company in Malta
  • Moving your existing business to Malta
  • Company administrative services in Malta
  • Benefit from an EU-based tax regime
  • Accounting, Tax Compliance and Audit
  • Payroll Services
  • Assistance in a bank account opening
  • Assistance in CRS compliance
  • Secretarial and back office services
  • Managerial and administrative services
  • Project management and supervisory services

The main advantages of Malta in international tax planning:

  • Effective tax rate 5% on active trading income (after tax refund)
  • Participation exemption on dividend income for qualifying holdings (participating holding)
  • Participating holding threshold 10% and no holding period required
  • No withholding tax on:
    Dividends (also if paid to low tax companies)
    Interest (also if paid to low tax companies)
    Royalties (also if paid to low tax companies)
  • No thin capitalization rules
  • No transfer pricing or CFC Rules
  • Malta is a member of the EU, applicability of all EU Directives
  • Euro currency


Accredited Agent of MIIP & MRVP with license number IIP090

There are three programs to open the door to the EU. Each of them has its own details and requirements. We can help you decide which of the programs is best for you.

  • Malta Citizenship by Investment
    Grants a Maltese passport to all applicants (main applicant and his/her dependents). With a Maltese passport you can travel to more than 182 countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia. All future generations of your family will also have a Maltese passport.
  • Malta Residency and Visa Program
    Grants permanent residency in Malta to all successful applicants, and therefore visa free travel within the EU and the Schengen area. All future children and spouses can be added to the programme at a later stage on payment of an extra fee, thereby granting permanent residency to any new members of your family. This programme is for Non-EU citizens and for 3rd country nationals only.
  • Malta Global Residency Program / Tax Residency
    This programme caters for both EU and Non-EU citizens. It does not grant any visa free travel for Non-EU citizens. Once you become a Tax Resident of Malta under this programme, you will need to pay a minimum tax of EUR 15,000 per year or 15% on your remitted income in Malta, whichever is higher.

Since 1992 we strive to build and create long-lasting relationships with our valued Clients, based on quality, confidentiality, mutual respect and trust.

Your trusted Partners,

Prospera Europe LTD


Contact Us

Prospera Malta
18, Block 19, Vincenti Bld, Strait Street, VLT 1432, Valletta, Malta
Tel: +356 21 22 4847
Email: info@prosperainfo.com
Web: www.prosperainfo.com





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