Infinity Group (Seychelles) Ltd

Tenancy 10, Marina House, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248 428 0505 | Email: info@infinity-group.sc
Web: www.infinity-group.sc

About Us

With Infinity Group offshore company formation in Seychelles becomes a very efficient enterprise in terms of international tax planning. Our packages offer most versatile options for International Business Company incorporation.

What separates us from others is - first of all - high quality method for an offshore company to be incorporated. The whole process can only take a few days provided always that a client has got through the KYC procedure which ought to satisfy any entrepreneur with a serious intent. Alternatively, there are pre-made enterprises available for instant use which means they are already formed and can be yours in as little as 1 hour as soon as we receive required information and documents from the client!

Moreover, we have developed a very competitive price list for our clients. Incorporation of a Seychelles company starts from 649 USD.

Depending on the nature of your particular needs we take personal approach to each client by advising best jurisdictions and combinations of services to your advantage. Although mainly specializing in Seychelles, we also provide incorporation in Europe or other desired destinations based on client's choice. We work with more than 20 different jurisdictions and are always happy to assist our clients to make the right choice.

Infinity Group is a highly reliable establishment as we have been on the market for over 10 years and gained significant experience to be aware of most efficient strategies when it comes to offshore business. Always prioritizing lowest tax solutions in a suitable jurisdiction such as Seychelles you are guaranteed safety of assets and full confidentiality.

  • Seychelles Company Formation
    Infinity Group presents packages for both new Seychelles offshore company incorporation and 'off-the-shelf' companies. The benefit of the latter is a much lower timeframe required for registration as it is normally ready for use within one hour after payment and provision of required information and documentation from the client.
  • Virtual Office
    Due to significant developmental progress in technology today's business is adapting and enhancing at a noticeably rapid rate. It's becoming more flexible, mobile and globally accessible. So with the new Virtual Office, we can easily demonstrate the newly incorporated mobility by quickly dialing telephone numbers from a country like the UK.
  • Bank Accounts
    Based on the type of business, client's personal and financial background we offer accounts in either Seychelles or other reliable banks. Infinity Group can arrange all necessary paperwork and introduce you to a representative of the selected bank.

Contact Us

Infinity Group
Tenancy 10, Marina House, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248 428 0505
Email: info@infinity-group.sc
Web: www.infinity-group.sc





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