Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd

Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd, 11, Apostolou Andrea Street, Hyper Tower, Office 101, CY-4007 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: + 357 25504000 | Fax: + 357 25504100 | Email: fiducenter@fiducenter.com.cy
Website: fiducenter.com.cy

Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd was established officially on the 3rd of January 2005 and, taking advantage of the flourishing international business sector in Cyprus, it has since grown impressively. As the human capital is the most important asset for every firm engaged in the professional services industry, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced members.

About Us

We provide a comprehensive range of international business services related to Cyprus, including professional consultation, advisory services on specific transactions, formation of investment funds, companies, trusts and other investment and business vehicles, bespoke services related to specific sectors and structures and much more. We are one of the very first companies licensed for the provision of Administrative Services by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (L/N: 8/196) and we are a founding member and the First President of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association.

Having our head office in Luxembourg, which is an international financial centre with a great history as a provider of top class professional services – under the strictest laws and regulations – related to tax, legal, compliance and other areas, helps us to stay ahead of the competition in Cyprus, both in terms of quality standards of services but also regarding policies and procedures.

Our Goal

  • To provide our clients with first class advice and services for the successful management and development of their affairs.
  • To help our clients organise, protect and develop their assets and property according to their objectives and requirements.
  • Through a proactive relationship with our clients, to build and ensure the availability of the most suitable solutions always in accordance to their needs and circumstances.
  • To ensure our clients receive a reliable, timely and value driven service.
  • To serve each of our clients with absolute integrity, honesty and protection of their confidential data.
  • To build on our reputation as an excellent provider of professional services.
  • To maintain a service-focused team dedicated to the firm’s core principles and goals.
  • To organize our people and services in such a way to ensure that each client enjoys the attention, value and confidence they expect.
  • To establish processes for eliminating or reducing weaknesses that may jeopardize our efforts in offering quality services.
  • To refine and continuously improve our services through quality improvement processes, continued professional education and use of the latest technology.

Services Offered

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Corporate
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Family Office
  • Financial Compliance
  • Fund Administration
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internal Audit
  • IT
  • Marine and Aviation
  • Private Equity
  • Specific Industries/Sectors



Contact Us

Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd 
11, Apostolou Andrea Street,
Hyper Tower, Office 101,
CY-4007 Limassol,

Tel: + 357 25504000 
Fax: + 357 25504100 
E-mail: fiducenter@fiducenter.com.cy
Web: www.fiducenter.com.cy





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