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1065 Budapest, Revay street 6., gf. 7., Hungary
Tel: +36 20 295 6240 | Email: formation@companyexpress.hu
Web: company-formation-hungary.com

About Us

We are a tax consultant and accounting firm with wide range of services designed for every company size and activity. Our experience and reliability is guaranteed by the management, which has remained unchanged since 1999, and our experts, including chartered accountants, tax advisors, and lawyers.

Hungary, this favorable EU jurisdiction provides an excellent place of business thanks to its favorable corporate taxation scheme, net invoicing between other EU member states by immediate VAT registration, low administrative costs and prices in general. Establish your business in Hungary with our all-embracing assistance.

Our services:

Accounting: We employ chartered accountants, payroll accountants, administrators, and assistants to serve all kind of accounting and related work. Our customers include, and are not limited to, small firms, companies operated by non-resident owner, and large Hungarian firms, so we are well experienced to cover all kind of needs.

We have partner auditors so we provide audit if necessary; no need to chase other local professionals. We communicate with the inland revenues office on the client's behalf as attorney-in-fact.

VAT registration or change in VAT status.

We can resolve everything for you.

Company formation, legal issues: We have in-house lawyers and competent assistants.

We provide full incorporation services, amendments, liquidation, and we handle all company types: Ltd, Plc, LP, branch, representative office, or subsidiary of foreign companies.

We have experience in set up Hungarian companies for non-resident clients, even in distant procedure (when the client doesn't come to Hungary to sign but sign at the Hungarian embassy in his/her country).

We can do everything for your convenience.

Bank account opening: We assist in bank account opening, as it is a must for a Hungarian company to open an inland bank account, and we also set up a bank account for your Hungarian company or for yourself in other countries both inside and outside the EU.

It's up to you, your choice.

We assist to get notarized documents or apostille.

Our legal services cover almost all area in the territory of civil law (corporate law, commercial law, labour law, insurance law), except from obtaining a residence permit.

B2B: Due to our well-established services and experience of several years, we are happy to co-operate with professional clients, who have customers in their clientele interested in incorporation in Hungary. If you are a professional, contact us and we can work together.

Benefit from our mutual work.

Contact Us

Company Express kft
1065 Budapest, Revay street 6., gf. 7., Hungary
Tel: +36 20 295 6240
Email: formation@companyexpress.hu
Web: company-formation-hungary.com





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