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IMF Advises Luxembourg On Coping With International Tax Changes
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels __31 May, 2019
The IMF has welcomed Luxembourg's efforts to meet international tax standards but cautioned that international tax reform could hit the country's tax base. Read Full Story

EU Removes Three Territories From Tax Blacklist
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels __31 May, 2019
The European Council has confirmed that Aruba, Barbados, and Bermuda are to be removed from the EU's list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. Read Full Story

IMF Calls On Switzerland To Meet Tax Reform Pledges
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__15 April, 2019
The IMF has urged Switzerland to press ahead with its planned overhaul of the corporate tax system. Read Full Story

EU Expands Tax Blacklist, Penalizing Non-Reformers
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__14 March, 2019
The EU has tripled its list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions to include 15 countries. Read Full Story

EU Urges Switzerland To Secure Tax Reform's Passage
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__26 February, 2019
The European Council has called for the swift enactment of Switzerland's proposed corporate tax reform package. Read Full Story

Netherlands Announces Tax 'Blacklist'
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__07 January, 2019
On December 28, 2018, the Dutch Government published in the Official Gazette a list of 21 low-tax jurisdictions. Companies doing business in these territories will face new anti-avoidance measures, intended to tackle tax base erosion and profit shifting. Read Full Story

Luxembourg Adopts Anti-Tax Avoidance Law
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__21 December, 2018
On December 18, 2018, Luxembourg's parliament approved legislation that will implement the European Union Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive. Read Full Story

Ireland, Malta To Close 'Single Malt' Tax Loophole
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London__03 December, 2018
The tax authorities of Ireland and Malta have signed a Competent Authority Agreement in a bid to prevent the use of the so-called "Single Malt" tax planning structure. Read Full Story

Only Tax-Compliant Firms To Be Allowed Australian Gov't Contracts
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__23 November, 2018
Australia is to require businesses seeking to tender for significant federal government procurement contracts to demonstrate their record of tax compliance. Read Full Story

Switzerland Gearing Up For Corporate Tax Changes
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__16 November, 2018
The Swiss Government has announced that, in preparation for a major overhaul of the tax system, existing practices on the taxation of principal companies and finance branches will not be applied to new companies as of 2019. Read Full Story



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