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Hong Kong To Amend Tax Rules For Foreign-Source Passive Income
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London__01 November, 2021
The Hong Kong Government has issued a statement committing to amend its tax law with regards the tax exemption for foreign source passive income from 2023, to ensure the territory does not end up placed on the EU's tax blacklist of non-cooperative territories. Read Full Story

Hong Kong, Georgia Tax Deal To Enter Into Force
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__06 August, 2021
The Hong Kong Government has announced that the comprehensive double tax agreement it signed with Georgia last year will enter into force on July 1. Read Full Story

Dutch Senate Approves 2021 Tax Changes
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__22 December, 2020
The Dutch Senate has approved the 2021 Tax Plan package, which introduces a lower rate of corporate tax for small- and medium-sized businesses. Read Full Story

Switzerland To Add Anti-BEPS Provisions To Two Treaties
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__09 September, 2020
On August 26, 2020, the Swiss Federal Council ratified a new double taxation agreement with Bahrain and a Protocol to revise its DTA with Kuwait. Read Full Story

Hong Kong Updates Guidance On APA Regime
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__24 July, 2020
Hong Kong's Inland Revenue Department has updated its guidance on Advance Pricing Agreements to reflect tax legislative changes in recent years and the territory's response to the OECD's base erosion and profit shifting Action Plan. Read Full Story

Dutch Report On Reforming Tax Rules For Multinationals Published
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__01 May, 2020
On April 15, 2020, a government-commissioned report on the taxation of multinationals was submitted to the State Secretary of Finance recommending various changes to make the Dutch tax system fairer while maintaining the jurisdiction's tax competitiveness. Read Full Story

Japan, Morocco Sign New Tax Agreement
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__15 January, 2020
On January 8, 2020, Japan and Morocco signed a double taxation agreement. Read Full Story

Singapore, Germany Add BEPS Amendments To DTA
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__16 December, 2019
Singapore and Germany have signed a protocol to their double taxation agreement, which brings the treaty into line with international standards and amends the maximum withholding tax rates that may be charged. Read Full Story

Switzerland, Bahrain Sign DTA
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__02 December, 2019
On November 25, 2019, Switzerland and Bahrain signed a double tax agreement that caps maximum withholding tax rates and provides for the exchange of information. Read Full Story

OECD Fleshes Out Int'l Tax Reform Plans During BEPS Webcast
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__13 June, 2019
During a webcast on June 11, the OECD provided a technical update on its work to develop new, modernized international tax rules for the digitalized economy. Read Full Story



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