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Austria May Pull Out Of European Financial Transactions Tax Talks
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__03 March, 2020
On February 19, 2020, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz issued a statement to say that he remains "committed" to the introduction of a financial transactions tax at European Union level along the same lines as that proposed by the German Government last month, despite opposition from within the EU, notably from Austria. Read Full Story

EU Financial Transactions Tax Agreement Close, Says Scholz
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__27 January, 2020
German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has said he is confident that an agreement can be reached on a European Union financial transactions tax. Read Full Story

New Spanish Coalition Agrees Tax Plan
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__08 January, 2020
The Spanish Socialist Party and the Podemos movement, which will form the next governing coalition, has released their policy document, which includes plans for a corporate minimum tax, among other tax measures. Read Full Story

Germany Presents Text For EU Financial Transactions Tax
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__16 December, 2019
German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has presented a final proposal for a European Union financial transactions tax to the 10 member states participating in the initiative. Read Full Story

Warren Announces US Corporate Tax And Wealth Tax Plans
Mike Godfrey, Tax-News.com Washington__08 November, 2019
On November 1, 2019, the presidential campaign of United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) published plans for a system of universal Medicare that will be partially funded by tax increases on large corporations and wealthy individuals, as well as by stricter anti-tax avoidance rules. Read Full Story

BVI Issues Final Economic Substance Rules
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London__28 October, 2019
On October 9, 2019, the British Virgin Islands International Tax Authority has finalized rules governing the application of the territory's new economic substance requirements, which became effective from January 1, 2019. Read Full Story

New Zealand Adds To Real Property Tax Reform Plans
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__18 October, 2019
New Zealand has released a new consultation on proposals to further clarify the deductibility of holding costs (rates, interest, insurance, etc.) where land that is subject to tax on sale is used privately while it is held. Read Full Story

Netherlands To Reduce Tax On Savings Income
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__13 September, 2019
On September 6, 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Finance announced proposals to reforms the tax rules for savings income. Read Full Story

Indian Banks To Begin Withholding Tax On Large Cash Withdrawals
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__05 September, 2019
As of September 1, 2019, India introduced an obligation for tax to be deducted at source at a two percent rate if a taxpayer's cash withdrawals totaled INR10m (USD138,350) or more in the previous year. Read Full Story

Australian High Court Allows Use Of Leaked Data In Tax Probes
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__22 August, 2019
The Australian Taxation Office has welcomed a significant ruling from Australia's High Court, which enables the tax agency to use information obtained from data leaks, even if leaked from a law firm. Read Full Story



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