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Swiss Gov't Approves Changes To Iran DTA
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__28 October, 2019
On October 23, the Swiss Federal Council adopted a dispatch on a protocol to the double tax agreement with Iran, which implements the minimum standards for such agreements. Read Full Story

Airbnb Says UK Tax Probe Could Result In Litigation
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London__28 October, 2019
Airbnb has disclosed that it has been contacted by HM Revenue and Customs regarding the application of tax laws or regulations impacting the company's business, adding that some matters "may result in litigation". Read Full Story

Ireland Issues Guide On Dual-Resident Companies
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London __18 October, 2019
The Irish Revenue has published guidance on dual-resident companies that explains new rules introduced under the BEPS multilateral convention on tax treaties. Read Full Story

Zambia Decides To Keep VAT, Amend Tax For Miners In 2020 Budget
Lorys Charalambous, Tax-News.com, Cyprus__04 October, 2019
Zambia announced that it will retain value-aded tax but strengthen its administration and make changes to the tax environment for mining companies in the 2020 Budget, released on September 27, 2019. Read Full Story

Starbucks' Dutch Tax Ruling Vindicated By EU General Court
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__27 September, 2019
On the same day the Court ruled against Fiat's appeal, the EU General Court has decided that Starbucks was not in fact granted a selective tax advantage in a Dutch tax ruling, contrary to a European Commission conclusion. Read Full Story

Switzerland To Share Taxpayer Data With Hong Kong, Singapore
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__22 August, 2019
Switzerland's agreements for the automatic exchange of financial account information with Hong Kong and Singapore have entered into force. Read Full Story

Mauritius Gazettes Budget Tax Measures
Lorys Charalambous, Tax-News.com, Cyprus__08 August, 2019
Mauritius has published in its Official Gazette legislation to enact measures announced in the territory's latest Budget, contained in The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2019. Read Full Story

Bulgaria Approves CbC Exchange Agreements With US
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.con, Brussels__08 August, 2019
Bulgaria's Council of Ministers earlier this month approved two agreements with the United States allowing for the automatic exchange of country-by-country transfer pricing reports. Read Full Story

Gibraltar Adopts EU Dispute Resolution Rules
Jason Gorringe, Tax-News.com, London__08 August, 2019
Gibraltar has enacted new regulations to transpose the EU's new tax dispute resolution mechanisms, set out in EU Council Directive 2017/1852, into Gibraltar's domestic tax law. Read Full Story

IRS Clarifies FTC Rules For French Social Taxes
Mike Godfrey, Tax-News.com, Washington__25 July, 2019
On July 19, 2019, the United States Internal Revenue Service updated its webpage on foreign tax credits to clarify that it will not challenge foreign tax credit claims involving certain French taxes. Read Full Story



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