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Singapore Announces Plans For GST Reforms
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__08 November, 2019
Singapore is to add provisions to draft legislation to enhance the new GST regime for imported services and clarify new rules for virtual currencies. Read Full Story

OECD Urges Colombia To Rethink Tax Breaks
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong__08 November, 2019
The OECD has recommended that Colombia pursue value-added tax and income tax reforms to plug revenue leakages and improve the fairness of the tax regime. Read Full Story

German Government Approves Climate Plan
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__04 October, 2019
On October 1, 2019, the German Federal Cabinet approved financing of EUR54bn (USD59bn) for the Climate Protection Program 2030, which includes the introduction of carbon pricing, as well as other tax measures intended to encourage the use of cleaner forms of transport. Read Full Story

Japan Hikes Sales Tax To Ten Percent
Mary Swire, Tax-News.com, Hong Kong __04 October, 2019
Japan's sales tax rose from eight to 10 percent on October 1, 2019, following two previous delays to the hike. Read Full Story

Austrian Parliament Approves Digital Tax
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__27 September, 2019
On September 19, 2019, the lower house of the Austrian parliament approved the first part of a package of tax reforms that will introduce a digital tax as well as bring about changes to certain value-added tax rules. Read Full Story

Netherlands Planning Slower But Deeper Corporate Tax Cut
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__20 September, 2019
On September 17, 2019, Dutch State Secretary for Finance Menno Snel presented the Government's 2020 Tax Plan to the House of Representatives. It includes revised plans for corporate tax cuts. Read Full Story

OECD Says Pace Of Global Tax Reform Has Slowed
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__05 September, 2019
The pace of tax reform has slowed across most leading economies, a new report from the OECD says, calling for bolder tax reforms to address future challenges. Read Full Story

Germany Approves VAT Cut For E-Books
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.con, Brussels__22 August, 2019
The German Cabinet has approved a proposal to reduce the rate of value-added tax on electronic publications. The rate is expected to drop from January 1, 2020. Read Full Story

Poland Urges EU To Quickly Pass VAT Rate Reforms
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.com, Brussels__08 August, 2019
Polish Finance Minister Marian Banas has urged the Finnish presidency of the European Union to press ahead with reform of EU VAT rate rules, to enable the country to reduce the rate of VAT on children's clothing and footwear. Read Full Story

Polish Lower House Approves VAT Split Payment Rules
Ulrika Lomas, Tax-News.con, Brussels__25 July, 2019
On July 19, 2019, the lower house of the Polish parliament, the Sjem, approved legislation to introduce a mandatory value-added tax split payment mechanism on certain supplies and to reduce rates of VAT on numerous goods and services, including electronic publications. Read Full Story



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