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OECD's Gurria Calls For Collective Action On Digital Taxation

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 17 October, 2017

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria has called for a collective effort on the design of temporary, short-term measures to tackle the international tax challenges of the digital economy.
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BEPS Webcast Scheduled For October 17

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 16 October, 2017

Registration is open for the OECD's upcoming webcast that will provide an overview of the latest developments in the field of international tax law.
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Dutch Tax Changes Confirmed In Coalition Agreement

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 12 October, 2017

A number of proposed tax changes intended to boost Dutch competitiveness and combat tax avoidance have been included in the official agreement between the four parties forming the next Government of the Netherlands.
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Luxembourg Tax Ruling Quartered Amazon's Tax Bill: EU Commission

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 04 October, 2017

The European Commission has concluded that a tax ruling issued by Luxembourg in 2003, and prolonged in 2011, lowered the tax paid by Amazon in the country without any valid justification, and ordered the Government to recover around EUR250m (USD295m) in unpaid taxes from the retail behemoth.
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OECD Requests Input On Further BEPS Action 1 Work

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 03 October, 2017

The OECD released a request for input on further work on base erosion and profit shifting Action 1, on addressing the international tax challenges raised by the digitalization of economic activities.
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Ibec: US Tax Reforms A Mixed Bag For Ireland

Jason Gorringe,, London // 03 October, 2017

The US Government's planned corporate tax reforms may pose challenges for Ireland's international competitiveness, but the country will remain a compelling investment location for American firms, says business association Ibec.
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MAP Peer Reviews Released For UK, US, Others

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 02 October, 2017

The OECD has released its first peer review reports of mutual agreement procedure frameworks in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.
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Switzerland Adopts Ordinance On CbC AEOI

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 02 October, 2017

The Swiss Federal Council has adopted an Ordinance on the automatic exchange of country-by-country reports, which will enter into force on December 1.
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Future Looking Brighter For Seychelles, IMF Says

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 29 September, 2017

Seychelles has made "remarkable progress" on strengthening its economy and finances, the International Monetary Fund says.
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US Republican Party Agrees New Tax Reform Blueprint

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 28 September, 2017

Republicans have announced a new plan for reforming the US tax code, including a reduction to the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, the adoption of a territorial tax system, and a one-time tax on multinationals' unrepatriated earnings.
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IRS Revises Template For APA Requests

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 28 September, 2017

The US Internal Revenue Service is inviting public comments on significant revisions to the template for advance pricing agreements.
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Australia Consults On Combating Illegal Phoenixing

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 28 September, 2017

The Australian Government has launched a consultation on proposals for addressing illegal phoenixing activity.
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Dutch 2018 Tax Plan Presented To Parliament

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 26 September, 2017

Proposals designed to align the dividend tax treatment of holding cooperatives with that of private companies and public companies have been included in the Dutch Government's Tax Plan 2018, recently presented to the lower house of parliament alongside the 2018 Budget.
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Business Europe Rejects EU Digital Turnover Tax Proposal

Lorys Charalambous,, Cyprus // 26 September, 2017

Markus J Beyrer, Director General of Business Europe, has expressed concerns about the proposed introduction of a European Union turnover tax on digital businesses.
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BEPS Actions 8-10 Most Important For Latin American, Caribbean States

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 26 September, 2017

The Inter-American Center of Tax Administration has released a new statement summarizing the feedback from Latin American and Caribbean countries from ongoing discussions on countering base erosion and profit shifting.
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Ireland's Donohoe Against Latest EU Tax Proposals

Jason Gorringe,, London // 25 September, 2017

Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has warned that the imposition by the EU of separate tax rules for the digital economy risks double taxation and greater uncertainty.
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OECD Expands Consultation On Offshore Indirect Transfers Of Assets

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 22 September, 2017

The World Bank has released French and Spanish translations of its Toolkit on the taxation of offshore indirect transfers and extended the deadline for feedback to October 20.
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Irish Finance Minister Discusses Tax Priorities

Jason Gorringe,, London // 21 September, 2017

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has said that Ireland's personal tax system "is not economically efficient and is not sustainable."
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Corporate Inversions To Cost US USD12bn By 2027: CBO

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 20 September, 2017

So-called tax inversions could cost the US Government up to USD12bn in lost corporate tax revenues by 2027, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office says.
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EU Moving Forward With Digital Company Tax Plans

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 20 September, 2017

The European Union's Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) met on September 15-16, 2017, in Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss ways to tackle international tax challenges posed by the digital economy.
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Deloitte Calls For Cuts To Irish Marginal Tax Rates

Jason Gorringe,, London // 19 September, 2017

The upcoming Irish Budget should help Brexit-proof the economy and reduce the marginal tax rate for all taxpayers, says Deloitte.
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Ireland Considers Future Shape Of Corporate Taxation

Jason Gorringe,, London // 13 September, 2017

Irish corporate income tax receipts are expected to remain buoyant up to 2020, according to the review of Ireland's corporation tax code published this week.
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Most Irish Firms Expect Brexit Impact

Jason Gorringe,, London // 13 September, 2017

A new survey by PwC has revealed that Irish CEOs are keen that the Government have a clear national strategy for dealing with Brexit, as an issue that is impacting business confidence levels.
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Australian Tax Office Plans TP Probe Of Pharma Sector

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 11 September, 2017

Senior officers from the Australian Taxation Office are to undertake a broad review of the transfer pricing practices of Australia-based subsidiaries of pharmaceutical companies.
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Switzerland Consulting On New Corporate Tax Reforms

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 07 September, 2017

The Swiss Federal Council has launched a consultation on a new package of corporate tax reforms, drawn up in the wake of a previous failed attempt to overhaul the system.
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Irish Gov't Outlines Brexit Risks

Jason Gorringe,, London // 30 August, 2017

Brexit "could have far-reaching impacts on nearly all aspects" of Ireland's national life, according to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.
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Australia Making Inroads On Tackling MNE Tax Avoidance

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 29 August, 2017

Kelly O'Dwyer, Australia's Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, has stressed that the Government has taken and will continue to take steps to tackle corporate tax avoidance by large businesses.
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Vodafone's New Arbitration Request Blocked By Indian Court

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 28 August, 2017

India's Delhi High Court has issued an injunction restraining telecoms giant Vodafone Group Plc from proceeding with international arbitration in its USD2.2bn tax dispute with India.
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Court Rules In Favor Of Taxpayer In Canadian TP Audit Case

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 23 August, 2017

The Federal Court of Canada has ruled that the Canadian Revenue Agency may not conduct further in-person interviews with representatives from a multinational corporation concerning its transfer pricing affairs, having already discussed earlier tax years.
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Irish FM Criticizes EU Demand For Apple Taxes

Jason Gorringe,, London // 17 August, 2017

Ireland's new Finance Minister, Paschal Donohoe, has described the EU's demand for the collection of up to EUR13bn (15.3bn) in "unpaid" taxes from Apple as unjustified, according to reports.
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UK Issues Guidance On Preparing CbC Reports

Jason Gorringe,, London // 16 August, 2017

The UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs, has issued guidance for businesses on the preparation of country-by-country reports in the required format.
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US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 14 August, 2017

The US Internal Revenue Service has begun accepting country-by-country reports from multinational corporations.
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US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 09 August, 2017

Contrary to calls from businesses from the regulation's withdrawal, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy has called on the US Treasury to fully implement and strengthen its final Section 385 anti-earnings stripping debt-equity regulations, designed to reduce the benefits of corporate tax inversions.
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Ireland Explains Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules

Jason Gorringe,, London // 09 August, 2017

On August 3, 2017, the Irish Revenue published Revenue e-Brief No. 74/17, which contains guidance for taxpayers on complying with Ireland's transfer pricing documentation requirements.
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Ireland Issues Guidance On Seeking MAP Assistance

Jason Gorringe,, London // 08 August, 2017

The Irish Revenue has published a new e-brief that explains the procedure through which taxpayers can request mutual agreement procedure assistance in Ireland, in cases where a company considers it has been subject to double tax.
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BEPS Toolkit Released On Offshore Indirect Transfers

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 07 August, 2017

The Platform for Collaboration on Tax, a joint initiative of the OECD, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the World Bank Group, has launched for consultation a draft toolkit designed to help developing countries address concerns surrounding the tax treatment of offshore indirect transfers of assets.
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New Zealand To Proceed With BEPS Tax Changes

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 04 August, 2017

New Zealand's Finance Ministry has announced that it has decided on new measures to address base erosion and profit shifting.
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Bipartisan Support For Territorial US Tax System, BEPS Measures

Mike Godfrey,, Washington // 25 July, 2017

Orrin Hatch (R - UT) has said that members of Congress from both parties support replacing the US worldwide tax basis system for a territorial tax system.
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NZ Labour Would Introduce Diverted Profits Tax

Mary Swire,, Hong Kong // 18 July, 2017

New Zealand's leading opposition party has said it would introduce a diverted profits tax on multinational companies if elected.
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Google Wins EUR1.1bn French Back Tax Case

Ulrika Lomas,, Brussels // 14 July, 2017

An administrative court in Paris has ruled that Google is not liable for EUR1.1bn (USD1.25bn) in unpaid taxes, dealing a blow to the tax authority's anti-tax avoidance campaign against multinational companies.
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