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Contributed by Aall & Zyleman Company Limited

August 3, 2012

Contributed by Aall And Zyleman Company Limited. [www.aallandzyleman.com ]

Established in 1967, Aall & Zyleman Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest management service companies in Hong Kong providing a range of expertise to corporations and private investors including: company formation and management, market research, financial, banking, legal, and accounting areas. Supported by a global network of representative offices, efficient, cost-effective service is provided for clients in Hong Kong and throughout the world. 

Success of Aall & Zyleman Co. Ltd. is based on its policies of low cost, accuracy and efficiency of service.  Cost effectiveness is aided by one of the largest client bases in Asia.  Whilst office rental and price in Hong Kong are probably the highest in the world, we operate from a spacious, modern, wholly-owned and debt free headquarter centrally located on Hong Kong island.  Our commitment to quality and efficiency of service is underscored by continuous investment programs to upgrade an extensive and sophisticated computer network for information retrieval and analysis.

We do not maintain hundreds of company names on our shelf , but you will find that every company name on our lists of Hong Kong companies or those of other jurisdictions have been very carefully chosen.  In fact we do not mind using anyone of these names for our own use.

Along with New York, London and Tokyo, Hong Kong is one of the four largest financial centres in the world.  It is also at the gateway to the vast Chinese market.  Hong Kong companies are ideal for conducting a broad range of international business since:

a.        there are no exchange controls

b.        no taxes are levied on dividends, interests, capital gains or offshore contracts

c.        Hong Kong has the biggest free trade zone and is on the white list of the OECD

d.        Laws favour efficient performance of business, Hong Kong has always been ranked the freest economy in the world, and as one of the most competitibe economies.


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