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Adventure Sports Insurance is a Necessity for Adrenalin Junkies

Sponsored by APRIL International UK
09 May, 2013

The 2013 ski season may be nearing the end, but for those looking for a break with activity and excitement in mind it's important to set off with the reassurance that if an accident was to happen, you and your family are fully insured and any repatriation and medical costs will be covered. It is worth remembering too that according to research carried out amongst expatriates by APRIL International UK recently, nearly half of them will probably have no international private medical insurance, so a tumble on the piste could end up being an expensive holiday.

For expats working abroad, there may be opportunities to try out extreme sports close to where you live and work, but even though it's nearby, you should still make sure that you are properly protected.

Before embarking on any adventure, be aware that there is a big difference between travel insurance and independent international medical insurance, so make sure you have the right policy. Travel insurance is designed for short trips and generally covers the cost of lost baggage, cancelled flights and normally only covers you for emergency medical treatment abroad. Some level of activity will be covered in the event of accidents such as horse riding, walking and cycling but travel policies will usually not protect you for high risk sports, unless specifically requested.

Adventurous sports could include off piste skiing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, or white water rafting. It is sensible to have a clear idea what sports and activities you intend to participate in before you set off and to check whether these are covered by your international health insurance, noting that it is generally wise not to rely on the insurance supplied by the company organising the event.

Generally, sports and activities fall into categories of risk. Shark cage diving will be one of the highest while bungee jumping will be in a lower band, so another tip is to see if an insurance policy needs to be upgraded, if you suddenly get the need for more adrenalin.

Accidents from adventure sports can be expensive as injuries can be serious and take a long time to heal. A recent case insured by APRIL International UK, the international medical insurance provider, involved a 15 year old girl who fell off a quad bike while holidaying in the Lebanon. She was not wearing a helmet and sustained a severe brain injury. Happily, she has made good progress to date and it is now believed she will achieve a near full recovery. APRIL International UK has currently paid over £350,000 in medical treatment costs, though, and is continuing to support her recovery. Another example of a holiday which went wrong, albeit less serious, involved a man who sustained a knee injury whilst skiing in France. Surgery and physio were required and the claim totalled around £14,000.

APRIL International UK managing director Debbie Purser said, "Particularly for expatriates living and working abroad, for whom adventurous holidays are one of the perks of their lifestyle, it is important to ensure you are fully covered, if you are considering any form of extreme activity. Our international health policies automatically cover extreme sports, except obviously for professional sportsmen. Experience tells us that living and working abroad without the appropriate medical cover is a false economy and can end up costing you dearly, should you be unlucky enough to have an accident."

For details of APRIL International UK's International health insurance plans visit http://en.april-international.com/united-kingdom


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