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Archived Events: December, 2012

These events may no longer be current and any discount codes may be expired. This archive is for information only. To see a list of current and upcoming events, go to the main events section, here.

Latin American Investment Forum  

São Paulo, Brazil | Opal Financial Group | 1 212-532-9898 x 0

Alternative Investing Summit  

Dana Point, CA | Opal Financial Group | 1 212-532-9898 x 0

High Frequency Trading World  

Three Sixty°, New York, NY, US | Terrapinn | 1 212 379 6322

Quant Invest New York  

Three Sixty°, New York, NY, US | Terrapinn | 1 212 379 6322

Infrastructure Investment World Deutschland  

Germany | Terrapinn Ltd | 44 (0)20 7092 1000

Treasury For Tax People    Read More

Bonhill House, London, UK, Informa

Taxation of Intellectual Property    Read More

London, UK, Venue TBC, Informa

Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property - International Management Forum (IMF)  

IMF Academy, Rechtestraat 59, 5611 GN Eindhoven, The Netherlands | 31 (0) 40 246 02 20
















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Featured Event

FATCA Compliance Conference
Implement FATCA Internal Controls in a Timely and Cost Efficient Manner to Avoid Non Compliance and Penalties

Conference: December 4-5, 2013
Location: Metropolitan by Hilton New York, New York, NY
Event Website: Visit event website here.
Registration Discount: $200 discount available through Tuesday, November 20th

Meeting Overview

With the risk of non-compliance equivalent to 30% withholding tax on funds, the global financial industry must meet the FATCA implementation deadline and ensure systems are in place.

Therefore, Northern Trust, Provident Bank US Internal Revenue Service and Lloyds Bank are meeting to discuss mitigating non-compliance risks and best practices to meet the standards of the implementation process of the new regulations.

$200 discount available through Tuesday, November 20th

  • Evaluating the growing concern with meeting FATCA compliance deadlines
  • Determining FATCA regulation requirements and how it will affect existing compliance programs
  • Leveraging current anti-money laundering programs for FATCA compliance to reduce costs and meet deadlines
  • Discussing intergovernmental agreements and how they are affecting various financial institutions
  • Evaluating the growing concern of violating privacy rules as it relates to transmitting customer/client information and data to other entities

Pre-Registration Discount Available through November 20th. Inquire Today for Conference Details!

Michele Westergaard
Senior Marketing Manager
E: Michelew@marcusevansch.com
T: 312 540 3000 Ext. 6625

Featured Event

Treasury For Tax People

5 December 2012, Bonhill House, London, UK

IBC have partnered with Ernst & Young to bring you this essential training course designed to help corporate treasurers and tax managers with the challenges posed by the increasing complexity of the present tax and regulatory environment. The intricacy of many financial instruments and accounting rules such as the modified UK GAAP and IFRS will all be demystified at this one day event.

Learn more, see the latest agenda and register with a 10% discount courtesy of LowTax today at www.iiribcfinance.com/FKW52476LTL

Featured Event

Taxation of Intellectual Property

6 December 2012, London, UK, Venue TBC

Understand & overcome issues that arise when considering IP transactions. Full coverage of the new UK Patent Box, R&D tax incentives, transfer pricing aspects of intangibles, valuation of IP issues, and much more:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities afforded by patent box tax regimes
  • Attain detailed knowledge of the qualification criteria for R&D tax relief
  • Benefit from a critical and comparative analysis of different jurisdictions and IP regimes on the following areas:

    - Tax
    - Accounting Standards
    - Valuation
    - Transfer Pricing
    - R&D
    - Patent Box
    - IP Holding Structures

Learn more, see the latest agenda and register with LowTax’s 10% discount today at www.iiribcfinance.com/FKW52474LTL