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Prospera Estonia Ltd. - Estonian Corporate Services

Prospera Estonia Ltd. is a member of the international consulting group Prospera, offering superior tailor made company administration and accounting services since 1992. Since 1992 clients all over the world have relied on our services for their professionalism and integrity.

About Prospera Estonia Ltd.

In an international tax and estate planning scenario, the selection of the location of a trading or holding company is one of the most important decisions to make. We assist you to make that decision and advise you on a set-up and on-going administration. At Prospera, we place a lot of emphases and focus on the quality of on-going after service.

Our aim is to remove the administrative burden to enable you to focus on your business. Our services are comprehensive, provided by specialist consultants, accountants and lawyers, independent trustees and other highly qualified professionals, and focused on each client's individual circumstances and requirements. We strive to combine our expertise and experience to provide you with excellent advice for solutions and good service.

The advantages of Estonian corporate and tax system can be used for international holding and trading, financing, investment and property holding.  In case you have a situation where tax system advantages of Estonia may be utilized, our offices would be glad to assist you with a full range of Estonian corporate, company administration and accounting services.

The main advantages of Estonia in international tax planning: 

  • No corporate income tax (until distribution of profit)
  • Excellent tax deferral opportunities
  • Full participation exemption on dividend income for qualifying holdings
  • Participation exemption: holding threshold 10% and no holding period required
  • No withholding tax on:
    • Dividends (also if paid to low tax companies)
    • Interest (also if paid to low tax companies)
    • Royalties (EU and 25% shareholding)
  • No thin capitalization rules
  • Estonia is a full member of the EU and OECD
  • Applicability of all EU Directives
  • Euro adopted as currency from 2011
  • Shelf companies available with bank accounts for immediate use
  • Tax residence certificates available for all Estonian companies
  • Very advanced banking system, excellent e-banking facilities in English and Russian. 

Prospera Estonia provides a full range of corporate, fiduciary and accounting services for Estonian companies, including professional director services, company secretarial services and registered office, day-to-day company management and administration, preparation of legal and corporate documents, accounting, tax compliance and coordination of auditing services (where applicable), VAT registration and filings, assistance in bank account management and various local support services.

Estonia is attractive as a trading or holding company jurisdiction. Estonia is a valuable vehicle to an international investor for investments within the European Union, or outside. Which location though is more suitable in each specific case ultimately depends on the particular circumstances and on individual tax and non-tax objectives. Please contact any of our offices to find out more about Estonian companies and our services.

Contact Prospera Estonia Ltd. Contact

  • Address 4, F.R. Kreutzwaldi Str, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia
  • Telephone +372 630 7700
  • Website www.prosperainfo.com
  • Email info@prosperainfo.com

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