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Fidusuisse Offshore register companies in Dubai and open bank accounts for worldwide clients willing to set up their operations in this country.

The Country

Dubai is one of the Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. It has 2 260 000 inhabitants and is the second largest territory in the UAE. Mainly an urbanized area around the capital which bears the same name as the Emirate, Dubai is the best-known part of the UAE internationally. This is due to the immense reputation of its capital city, which bears witness to the country’s economic ambitions.

The economy of Dubai

To offset, and especially to combat the depletion of its natural resources in oil and gas, Dubai is restructuring its economy. The Emirates wish to move towards activities with high added value in trade, new technologies and luxury tourism. Since oil export represents no more than 5% of the region’s GDP, Dubai hopes to become the world’s leading luxury tourism destination.

To do this, the Emirates is already improving its infrastructure (airports, marina, hotels, underground railway, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.) and its existing reputation in the sector with, for example, the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel, classified as the most luxurious hotel in the world, the gigantic Palm Islands area created from scratch in the sea in the shape of a palm tree and the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world (828 meters).

The tax system of the Emirate of Dubai

Like the entire UAE, Dubai has a tax system that is among the most advantageous on the planet, especially with its free trade zones: the Dubaï International Financial Centre, the Jebel Alli Free Zone and the Dubaï Media City. It has the notable advantage of carrying out its business in English. In Dubai, companies pay no tax (except oil and gas companies and subsidiaries of foreign banks): no tax on corporations, capital gains or income, no VAT, no social contributions on wages, etc.

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Creating a Company

Fidusuisse offshore company has many advantages: among other things, it enables assets to be protected by consolidating assets held in several countries under the name of an offshore holding company. The legislation of the country where the holding company is based will apply to all assets in the event of death. It is also possible to transfer assets to this offshore company to avoid problems (confiscation, commercial litigation, disputes, etc.): this is the principle of Asset Protection.

Ready-Made Company

A Ready-Made Company or Shelf company is a pre-registered company that is ready to start operations. Choosing a Ready-Made at Fidusuisse company reduces the time it takes to setup a company in the country. A Ready Made company is a new company, whereas a Shelf company has existed for at least one year, which makes it possible to benefit from enhanced commercial credibility.

Bank Account

At Fidusuisse we handle your bank account opening in Dubai, so there is nothing you can worry about. Whether for private account of offshore accounts within 15 days including the bank relationship, filing of forms and liaising with the bank.

Virtual Office

Fidusuisse Offshore offers you a virtual office service allowing you to create real credibility and become a commercial reality.  You will be able to conduct your offshore company’s business in the most effective way.

The importance of a virtual office

When you create an offshore company, it is essential to have a phone number in your destination country. It provides real credibility and promotes confidence in your business transactions with your clients. Fidusuisse Offshore can provide you with a telephone number for any country in the world and even offers you a telephone to manage your business.

Company Management

Company Management is a service aimed at persons not wishing to have to manage their business on a daily basis and who wish to entirely delegate the management. Under a contract regulated by Swiss law, we manage the company on your instructions, maintaining commercial relationships, orders, regulations, accounting, audit and annual reports.

Freelance Contracting

International contracting is frequently used by offshore companies to facilitate transactions with foreign partners. In fact, this method makes it possible to solve logistical and fiscal constraints applicable to transactions.

Trusts and foundations

The Trust

The advantage of a Trust is that it optimises tax benefits for the Settlor’s assets, in accordance with the tax laws of the country in which the Trust is registered, while the Settlor can reside in another country. It is also useful for transferring assets while avoiding taxation, and in determining the assets owned by several companies.


Fidusuisse Offshore can provide you with the expertise necessary to set up your Foundation. A foundation makes it easier to manage your affairs. This structure can be created in most countries, and fully customized through the use of By-Laws.

Tax Expatriation

Fidusuisse Offshore is putting its experience and expertise at your disposal so that you can successfully carry off your fiscal expatriation plans. Our main destinations are Belgium and Switzerland.



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