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Breder Suasso

Breder Suasso offers accounts permitting money transfers and Mastercard issuance both for private and corporate clients, including offshore and non-resident bodies.

About Breder Suasso

Breder Suasso operates as Financial Service Provider registered in New Zealand. Breder Suasso offers accounts in various currencies to hold and transfer money worldwide. Through its iBreder platform, clients can process both SWIFT and SEPA financial payments and execute transactions in all currencies. Our corporate services include Mastercard product range, account opening in multiple currencies, international wire transfers, currency exchange, saving accounts, and internet transfer services.

Breder Suasso accounts for companies abroad

If you're looking for asset protection and offshore solutions, Breder Suasso offers a wide range of corporate and private services, allowing clients to move funds conveniently and discreetly. Breder Suasso accepts all serious offshore jurisdictions and offshore companies for account opening, such as BVI, Mauritius, RAK, Hong Kong, UK , Gibraltar and a lot of other jurisdictions.

To open an account, visit Breder Suasso's website for online account application.


Main financial services offered by Breder Suasso:

To open corporate account visit: www.bredersuasso.com/open-corporate-account

For private account opening, please visit: www.bredersuasso.com/open-private-account

How to open a private or corporate account with Breder Suasso. www.bredersuasso.com

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