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Artha Trust reg.

Artha Trust reg. is an internationally active, concessionary trust company in the Principality of Liechtenstein, and is also a member of the Liechtenstein Association of Professional Trustees. 

About Artha Trust reg.

Allowing for company law considerations, we offer individual organisational structures. Law of succession and tax law aspects can be accommodated according to individual needs, by integration into specifically customised structures.

Our core business lies in the fields of formation/administration of global companies and foundations, asset safeguarding and succession arrangements. Beyond the service customarily provided by banks. We compile legally protected and tax optimising concepts and find the optimal solution for you.

We offer extensive services and contacts in the following fields:

  • Organization of the formation and administration of companies and foundations
  • Back-office service
  • Asset safeguarding
  • Consulting and reorganization
  • Preparation of personal succession arrangements
  • Management consultancy

Due to our many years of experience in the Liechtenstein financial community and our excellent business relations with resident banks and businesses we are very happy to devote ourselves to the individual counselling of private persons, foundations, companies and the families thereof. The Family Office assumes the structuring and investment of your assets, with you as asset holder and initiator retaining the decision authority regarding the strategic orientation.

We may point out that we are a Family Office which means that we support our clients with the most substantial services which are possible.

It is essentially the case that we recommend potential clients take advantage of a non-binding and free-of-charge initial consultation at our offices.

We are also specialized to attend from Liechtenstein to all jurisdictions of offshore financial centers and can offer you our own directors for operative Swiss companies (Limited by Shares, LLC). Thanks to our global contacts, on your behalf we handle the formation of companies and foundations in different jurisdictions and organise the administration according the stipulated requirements.

If you need further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us by email: postmaster@artha-trust.com

Artha Trust reg. has a solution for most clients needs and will be delighted to assess your individual requirements.


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