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ACT Offshore

A.C.T. Offshore Limited is one of Seychelles’ leading offshore Corporate Service Providers. In our 22 years of operation we have concentrated on providing company and trust registration services to lawyers, accountants and specialist Firms.

About ACT Offshore

The great majority of our business is to other professionals. Our aim is to provide the building blocks to the professionals who will then provide consultancy, planning and company management services to end users with whom they can have closer contact. We believe that the end users are best served in this way.


  • Incorporation of IBCs and more sophisticated structures with licenses in the Seychelles International Trade Zone and Special Licence Companies
  • Registration of International Trusts
  • Registration of yachts and ships
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Readymade companies

We offer a prompt, reliable service to all our clients, many of whom have been with us since 1995. For further information on our company and the services which we offer, please visit our website at www.actoffshore.co or e-mail us at email@actoffshore.com.

Seychelles IBCs

Salient Features:

  • Low incorporation fee (USD 100) for any authorized capital
  • Corresponding low annual licence fee
  • Accepted by international banks
  • Minimum number of directors is one
  • Minimum number of shareholders is one
  • Corporate directors and shareholders are permitted
  • No requirement to publicly file director and shareholder registers
  • Appointment of a company secretary is optional
  • No requirement to file accounts or annual returns in Seychelles
  • No Seychelles tax

For a shelf list please send an email to Michelle, Vannessa or Bettyna at email@actoffshore.com. They will promptly assist and will also address any queries you may have.

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ACT Offshore


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