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World Offshore

World Offshore is providing offshore and international company formation using it's professional experiance in the field for more than 10 years.

About World Offshore


Confidentiality is a primary aspect for our clients. The World Offshore team guarantees the privacy for all our clients through the main components.

  • Our website provides complete security using a bit certificate encryption for all data entered by our clients.
  • In order to prevent any interruption, we have a fully secure IT department infrastructure that eliminates the risk of data leakage.
  • Our company client database cannot be printed or exported. As a result, all confidential or personal client data is strictly protected.

Expertise and Professionalism

Over the years, World Offshore has developed partner and banking networks that allow us to provide international company formation and bank account opening services based on our client needs.

Our team will support you during the full process of your service, from the formation of your company to the creation of your company's identity using our Virtual Office services. Each client will have a professional account manager who will lead and assist you during the formation of your company, the opening of your bank account and other additional services, if required.

Our objective is to provide professional services based on our clients' interests.

Customer Support Quality

Our main value is the satisfaction of our clients. We are here to help our customers achieve their objectives in business and in the private sector.

We highly respect the due diligence process and regulations of international money laundering. To minimize the risk and to work in the interests of our customers, we ask that all due diligence requirements be fulfilled, as this allows us to understand our clients' profiles and to provide the most appropriate service.

We will support our clients in every step of the service provided.

Who we are

The main advantage and value of our provided services is our professional team who are specialized in offshore services, including assistance in offshore company formationopening bank accounts and the provision of Virtual Office.

Our team will provide you with support and a personalized attitude. We are here to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and secure with the service provided by World Offshore.

Our Objectives and Values

Our specialization is international and offshore corporate services, which ensures the confidentiality and privacy of our customers.

Our objective is to become the leading offshore company formation provider, the choice of our clients and recognized as a professional team.We aim to protect our clients' wealth and fulfil our clients' needs by helping them achieve their goals.

We value our team and the protection of our clients. By providing professional training to each of our team members and inspiring them, we are in the best possible position to meet our clients' needs and achieve their goals.


  • Company Formation
  • Bank Account opening
  • Company Management
  • Nominee services
  • Virtual Office
  • Accounting/ Audit Service
  • Visual Identity