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Tax GO

Tax GO is one of the world’s leading brands for Business, Accountancy, and Financial (bespoke) solutions. We offer a range of unbeatable packages that will take care of all of your business needs. At Tax GO, we pride ourselves in providing cost effective and efficient service to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

About Tax GO

Save Money

With Tax GO's Retail Xpress there is no need for a POS/scanner or card reader for making retail sales. A standard POS with scanner and card reader cost around $2000, and most times they are static. But with Tax GO all you need is standard PC or smart phone.

Manage your business on the go

Tax GO gives you access to essential reports which will help you make business decisions on the go. Imagine having your accountant/bookkeeper with you while you are going around daily transacting your business.

Save Time

Supplier invoices and expense receipts can be uploaded in the system, so you do not need a physical copy anymore. End of year is usually a nightmare for most SME businesses as the owner will have to takeout time to go through the accounts.

Support 24H

Our support team are available 24/7 on the chat line or call. If you have questions on how to post a transaction, tax or on any feature on the system, you can contact our team on the chat line.

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