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We offer RAK Offshore International Companies, as well as RAK Free Zone companies, together with bank accounts both in Dubai and other locations.


As licensed company service providers in RAK, our company, TMS FZE can provide a one stop solution for all your RAK company needs.

We offer very competitive prices whilst providing flexible and a fully professional service to our clients.

Why RAK?

  • No corporate or personal taxes in RAK, UAE
    There are many jurisdictions offering offshore companies however what distinguishes RAK from many others is that it is a 'no tax emirate'. There are therefore no personal or corporate taxes.
  • No audit or accounts filing requirements in RAK, UAE
    There is no requirement to audit or file accounts, however, as with all companies, accounts should be maintained and provided to shareholders.
  • No need to visit RAK to set up a company
    TMS FZE, as licensed corporate service providers, can form your company quickly & efficiently. There is no need for you to visit UAE. As we will take care of all the necessary formalities on your behalf.
  • Privacy in RAK, UAE
    There is no public record of the directors and shareholders and the company registry is NOT open to public inspection.
  • No currency controls in RAK, UAE
    There are no exchange controls whatsoever in RAK, Dubai or indeed any of the UAE. Funds can be easily moved in and out of any local bank account.
  • No local director or shareholder requirements
    Unlike some other UAE companies, there is no requirement for a local director or shareholder.

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