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Solitaire Consulting Limited

Solitaire Consulting Limited is an independent boutique management consultancy based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Since incorporating in 2011 we have built a reputation for providing practical no-nonsense advice in all aspects of digital transformation and process automation. We specialise in supporting the international trust and corporate services sector.

About Solitaire Consulting Limited

Solitaire Consulting can help your wealth management business adapt to change by providing a number of specialist services:

  • Business change management
  • Programme management & project management
  • Business analysis and process improvement
  • Systems consulting
  • Cloud and IT infrastructure planning

We work closely with our clients. We gain a detailed understanding of their individual requirements, and only then, will we recommend a specific course of action to meet their needs. This approach ensures that our clients gain significant business benefits when working with Solitaire Consulting.

As an independent practice we are not aligned to specific consultancy models or ways of working, so can offer independent and objective advice.  However, we do recommend specific technology solutions where they meet client requirements.

Solitaire Consulting has over 15 years experience serving the international Trust and Corporate Services markets. Our founder, Paul Every, has been advising technology companies and providers of Trust Administration & Corporate Services for over a decade. During this time he has developed an extensive knowledge of the technology systems and vendors that support this important and growing area of international financial services.

Paul and his associates have direct experience of implementing and using systems from the market leading providers of TrustQuay and Viewpoint as well as their challengers and niche providers in various locations.

We also have experience in a range of eco-system technologies from BankClarity, Centenal, Cygnetise, Laserfiche, Vega Solutions and many more.

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