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Platforma365 is a fresh wind of changes in the conservative world of corporate legal and paralegal services. We deliver independently acquired corporate copies and certificates from Government Registries and Registered Agents all over the world.

About Platforma365

Platforma365 provides online corporate identity check service.

With us you have access to corporate information and official company documents in almost all countries in the world. All the information provided is based only on official/Government sources and can be utilized for KYC/KYB purposes.

Fast. Simple. Legal.

Check it out on https://Platforma365.io.

You can obtain Online Company Profile, Certificates of Good Standing, Extracts from Trade Register, Certificates of Incumbency and more.

Geography: currently we cover most of EU countries as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, the Belarus Republic, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada (Federal, Alberta, British Columbia) and most of offshore jurisdictions (BVI, Seychelles, Belize, Marshall Islands, etc).

Features and Advantages:

  • All hardcopies may be legalized – with Apostille or Consulate Legalization
  • Documents can be translated to any language
  • Along with hardcopy documents, online reports/ electronic copies of documents are available in a minutes
  • With Platforma365.io it is easy to understand which specific document may cover compliance requirements – which one contains information about directors and shareholders

Don't waste your time writing emails – order all documents you need in one place.

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