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MSZ Consultancy

We are your leading business setup experts in the UAE, providing a wide range of consultancy services for any size business, including business registration, visa applications, local sponsorships, and PRO services!


Our specialists are dedicated to assisting you with almost any business matter! From company formation to securing local sponsorships, MSZ Consultancy possesses extensive knowledge of business operations throughout Dubai and can help you cut through the red tape!

  1. Business Setup in Dubai
    We excel in helping customers navigate the complexities of business in the Emirates. From the initial application process to choosing which business sector will best serve your business type, we handle it all! You need a consultant that knows the ins and outs of UAE business practices, and we are here to help!
  2. Company Formation in the UAE
    MSZ Consultancy is experienced in company creation procedures, helping you decide where to form your business and guiding you through the entire application process! We've got it all covered, no matter where you set up your company! Whether you choose to start your business in Dubai's mainland or one of the many Free Zones, our specialists can help you pick the best course of action for your company.
  3. Trade Licensing Services
    Our team of business experts can help you choose which trade license is the best fit for your company and assist you through the application process! Applying for a trade license is designed to be a straightforward affair, but having insider knowledge will help you get up and running faster and more efficiently.
  4. Opening Bank Accounts
    As a business owner, you'll need to organize your banking information and open the necessary checking and savings accounts for you to conduct business. MSZ Consultancy will assist you in choosing which banking institution provides the best benefits and incentives for your new company.
  5. e-Trader License Services
    In the digital age, many businesses offer their products online. MSZ Consultancy understands the nuances of registering for an e-Trader license and can provide significant support to you through the process! We also have a thorough understanding of Dubai's economy and the local markets, allowing you to produce and sell the right product at the right time to the right customer!
  6. Company Liquidation in Both Dubai and the Emirates
    Sometimes businesses need to liquidate assets and close their doors. This can be due to unforeseen financial circumstances, mandated court orders, or simply a planned process for larger corporations hoping to tie up multi-national deals. MSZ Consultancy is proficient in helping you through the legal process of business liquidation, no matter the size or type of business!
  7. Accounting and Auditing Services
    For any new business, keeping close track of your accounting details is an absolute must! MSZ Consultancy offers a wide array of accounting and auditing services to help your business remain legal, profitable and operating at maximum efficiency. Stay up to date on payroll, taxes, dues, and fees with MSZ!
  8. General Legal Services
    Every business will need to consult with experts on critical legal matters. From handling legal paperwork and regulations, to acquiring PRO services for interfacing with the local government authorities, we do it all! We aim to help businesses with any legal need, from seeking legal advice or handling annual license renewals.
  9. Virtual Office Services
    Companies entering Dubai's marketplace will need to secure office spaces to do business. For some enterprises, those services will only require a virtual presence. MSZ Consultancy is skilled in helping businesses to decide which office solution works best for them. Whether you need physical office space, or require a virtual space, we can help!

About MSZ Consultancy

Since 2009, MSZ Consultancy has led the way in assisting investors and entrepreneurs in traversing the complex world of company formation in the UAE. Our experts possess extensive experience of local customs, laws, and best practices, and we want to use that knowledge to help your business succeed!

We are also proficient in handling the residential and investor visa process and can help you decide which is the best fit for your investors and employees! Give us a call and let our experts help you today! Do business in Dubai with MSZ Consultancy!

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