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ICD Fiduciaries

ICD Fiduciaries is a consulting firm founded in 2006 in the UK and specializes in creating offshore companies and the opening of offshore bank accounts.

About ICD Fiduciaries

Our offices in London and Hong Kong, consisting of lawyers and accountants, allow us to bring together the necessary expertise and necessary for the offshore tax optimization.

The job of heart is the legal and tax expertise; ICD Fiduciaries will offer and implement creative solutions, domicile, management of offshore companies and opening of offshore bank accounts.

Offshore companies are companies registered in a country outside of tax residence and established in a country with low tax or no - a tax haven. The simplicity of the articles of association and the local law, a strong anonymity, speed of procedures for creating companies and strong protection of assets or economic beneficiaries characterize these companies.

The way we are operating, motivation and our case studies

ICD Fiduciaries provides clients with the service and an advice in all stages of company incorporation and bank account opening till the existence of the client's company. A professional consultant with an expertise in the offshore field personally contacts each client to understand the requests and help to develop their business and provide offshore solutions. In years of providing services we have created a case study data base with few examples given on our website. Our motivation for such service with an advice is simple and logical "strong clients strengthens the ICD Fiduciaries ground and the brand name". Almost 70 % of our new clients have come to us by the references of the existing ones.

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Anonymity of the client:

More and more clients are worried about the disclosure of their identity when it comes in matter about their wealth. ICD Fiduciaries highly values the anonymity and confidentiality of their clients. With our expertise in the offshore field we can provide solutions to maximize the anonymity of our clients, especially from the third persons.

Confidentiality of the information

ICD Fiduciaries clients can be sure about the information provided, it is strictly confidential and it is never disclosed to the third persons or parties that are not directly related to client's orders.

ICD Fiduciaries price policy

Our price range is considered as average in the market, but in our service is included the most important aspect - that this advice.

We are indented to find the best solution for our client to achieve their objectives and therefore we start with the advice and then if the client is satisfied we provide the full range of service. This is our special approach in this market - individual attitude and advice.

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Our Services

  • Creation offshore company in all major tax heavens;
    Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and many other international tax heavens found in our website are the ones among the most popular and considerable as the destination jurisdiction for your company. The main advantages in these jurisdictions are the 0% corporate tax, fast company formation, easy management and security.
  • Onshore Company Formation with fiscal advantages;
    Onshore structures such as UK company and Cyprus company are mostly used for structure optimization schemes. The interest of onshore company is the reputable jurisdiction, which is often located in one of the OECD countries.
  • Management of offshore companies;
    As minimum once per year each company requires the management services - to renew the company and to keep it in good standing, and also to provide additional services upon request, such as change of company name, structure and order for Certificates of Good Standing or Incumbency.
  • Opening offshore bank accounts;
    We provide the service of offshore bank account opening for your company or personal accounts in an offshore bank using our wide range of banking network in Europe, Asia and Caribbean.
  • Bookkeeping, auditing and compliance of financial statements;
    We provide a full service of accounting and audit for UK, HK, Gibraltar and Cyprus companies.
  • Virtual office services;
    For a full business package we provide Virtual Office services in UK and HK, with a local number, address and mail forwarding.
  • Intellectual property protection;
    Protect your intellectual property rights with an appropriate structure.
  • Wealth management;
    Learn about solutions of Wealth management by contacting our team.
  • Registration and management of yachts and boats;
  • Setting up offshore E Commerce solution;
    We can provide solutions for your E-Commerce, by opening merchant account and providing additional IT solutions for protection of your website.

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ICD Fiduciaries


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