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Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd

In the current economic environment, and the crises that so many economies are facing, an unprepared organization can easily sink... but a well prepared one will bring out its true strengths. At Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd, business is done with our basic principles in mind all of which are of equal value and importance and all target the success of our clients...

About Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd

Professionalism, Integrity, Confidentiality and Commitment

We are a team of experienced professionals, all united by something unique - a drive, a passion, a focus on learning and development, and a commitment to being part of a team.

Our collective experience spans the areas of global corporate and fiduciary structures including the provision of nominee and secretarial services, advising high net worth individuals seeking to protect their wealth, consulting encompassing direct and indirect tax requirements, tax planning, compliance and tax audits on a global basis.

As a result of our outstanding performance and reputation in global corporate services, we have been recruited and successfully provided outstanding service to multinational corporations, banks, law firms, Shipping companies financial institutions and high wealth individuals. Our success is entirely attributable to our people that allow us to achieve the highest level of excellence.

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