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Setting up a business outside of your jurisdiction? Planning to go internationally but not sure what country would be best to set up? Incorporating in a couple of jurisdictions and you need one point of contact to save you time and money?

About CompyCo

By providing different solutions CompyCo has made easier processes of setting up businesses around the globe for International clients, whether those are start-ups, middle, or big companies. Having the longest list of countries for remote company registration and other related services, finding the best customized solution, CompyCo simplifies the processes and makes things possible.

What's so special about CompyCo?

Over 10 years within a regulated environment, monitoring and participating in global changes in the corporate and financial world, CompyCo offers all possible solutions, which cannot be offered by local service providers due to their limited resources. While local service providers offer their services, we offer solutions for your challenges. Once you proceed with us, we stay in direct contact with you and help you solve all your business, corporate, and financial problems along the way, locally or internationally.

With our wide network of professionals, lawyers, tax advisors, financial advisors, and financial institutions around the globe, CompyCo has a unique position in the market to determine where should you start your business, based on your goals. In the long run, CompyCo is a partner who will save your time, protect you, and while focused on your goals, find the best solutions for your business needs.

How do we do it?

All our associates are double checked before we commence work with them and show them sensitive data about our clients. While average businesspeople cannot know what to look for and how to determine the professionalism of a service provider or see how will he/she preform when engaged for the services, we measure the knowledge, resourcefulness, expertise, innovation, and due diligence, in line with our knowledge and expertise. In a nutshell, this contributes to our clients with protection, confidentiality, fast service, reliability, and most importantly, the best solutions. While you can rest assured somebody's got your back, you can focus on your core business. CompyCo is not just a service provider: CompyCo is partner to its clients.

Following the highest standards in data protection, GDPR, encrypting of systems, CompyCo cares about client confidentiality and doesn't share date with third parties unless we use their services and sign special agreements with them.


Some of the services that CompyCo has been providing around the world:

  • Company registration, trusts
  • Banking and finances
  • Nominee services
  • PEO and payroll services
  • Tax and VAT registration
  • Foreign employer registration
  • Licensing
  • Registered office address & virtual office services
  • Trademark & business name protection
  • Accounting and tax services
  • Web design & SEO

Decided to setup your business abroad? You'll need advice in the set-up phase, but you'll also need a reliable and resourceful partner in the long run!

Choose your expansion partner wisely!

CompyCo stays with you all the way!

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