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CSB Group

CSB Group provides its clients with a spectrum of specialised Business & Commercial services offering a complete turnkey solution to clients wishing to relocate their business to Malta.

About CSB Group

We work hand-in-hand with a number of international partners, all leaders in their field of expertise, including multi-national companies, law & audit firms, financial institutions and high net-worth individuals.

Malta's tax system has led to its significant growth as a reputable and competitive jurisdiction for tax planning and corporate structures. CSB Group provides its clients with bespoke tax advice in connection with any domestic (direct and/or indirect) tax aspects relevant to a proposed transaction or set of transactions and with a view to achieving an optimal Malta tax exposure. As a leading corporate services firm in Malta, CSB Group assists clients to benefit from Malta's full imputation and refundable tax credit system and almost 70 double tax treaties.

  • Registering a company or setting up your company in Malta provides an effective, EU-based solution with a competitive tax system and extensive Double Taxation Agreement network. Services include company formation, corporate & tax structuring and back-office support services.
  • Our full spectrum of quality-driven residency & relocation services includes tax advisory and financial planning. As Authorised Registered Mandatories, we handle the application process and property requirements for a number of citizenship and residency programmes.
  • Malta's pro-business regulatory environment offers a robust legal framework for the setting up of a wide range of investment funds in Malta. Our wealth of experience in the licencing of financial services and collective investment schemes ensures we efficiently-advise clients on the correct fund structure.
  • Our "one-stop-shop" service to online gaming operators assists igaming clients with the submitting and pursuing of a gaming licence application to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and establishing their businesses in Malta. The Group has been involved in the iGaming industry since its inception in Malta.
  • Shipping and Yachting - Malta ranks as the second largest vessel register in Europe, and amongst the top 10 worldwide, in terms of gross tonnage. CSB Group has developed a solid reputation in respect of vessel finance and vessel registration transactions. CSB Group can assist ship and yacht owners with the implementation of several attractive solutions including yacht and superyacht registration as well as ship registration among others.
  • CSB Group has developed a marked expertise in financial services regulation, eCommerce and online trading, and has advised many important international operators establishing a presence in Malta.
  • Advisory - the Group's team of professionals is regularly engaged to provide consultancy to a wide range of clients in various industries. The advisory team's approach is tailor-made and targeted, enabling clients to tap into the Group's wealth of knowledge and experience, whether it involves contributing towards the development of business strategies and objectives, or supporting clients through any staffing or logistical challenges that they may face.

Other Services include:

Established in 1987 in Malta, and with representative offices in the UK and Switzerland, CSB Group provides its clients with a spectrum of specialised business and commercial services offering a complete turnkey solution to clients wishing to setup or relocate their business to Malta. Working hand in hand with a selected network of international partners, all leaders in their field of expertise, our portfolio of clients includes entrepreneurs, multi-national companies, law & audit firms, financial institutions, businessmen and high net-worth individuals. CSB Group aims high at exceeding clients' service expectations through a sound and results-oriented business approach.

The Group's commitment is to provide business services by adhering to the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality. The Group's management pays close attention to the quality of service provided and adheres to strict standards safeguarding the Group's standing and reputation. We realise that our clients have individual needs and requirements and it is our aim to provide a tailor-made service both initially and thereafter when required, year after year.

Areas of Specialisation

CSB Group's areas of specialisation today include: Corporate & Trust; Advisory; Legal; Tax; Accounting; Recruitment & HR; Credit Risk; Relocation & Real Estate services.

Furthermore, CSB offers the following services: iGaming & Gambling; ePayments; Setting up of EMIs & PSPs; Incorporation and re-domiciliation of companies; Trust, Fiduciary & Escrow services; Payroll & Tax Administration; Regulatory & Legal Consultancy; Licensing of Financial and Investment Services, Hedge Fund Registration; Ship, Yacht & Aircraft Solutions; HR Consultancy; Residence Permits & Serviced Office Space.


  • Malta Company Formation
  • Professional Investor Funds
  • Malta Online Gaming Licence
  • Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP)
  • Malta Relocation
  • Malta Tax
  • Malta Flag Yacht Registration

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