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Atrium & Associates

Our company has been a solid leader in offering wide-ranging and comprehensive offshore company formation, tax planning, asset protection and tailored made solutions, on a worldwide basis.

About Atrium & Associates


We are staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in all the aspects in offices located around the world.

Competitive Pricing Policy

Our completive pricing policy will be a good value to all clients, and we will be happy to find the best solution which satisfies your needs.

Tailored Made Solutions

Our ability to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions, along with timely and solid advice, make us a leader in our industry.

Maximum Level of Privacy

By virtue of our highly experienced team of experts, we help our clients to realize their financial objectives while retaining the maximum level of privacy.

Worldwide Presence

Our company has offices and experts located in the most relevant jurisdictions: United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, New Zealand and United States, Delaware.

Our Services

We offer Clients incorporation services on a Global Scale; Atrium & Associates specializes in advising clients on the selection of the most suitable onshore and offshore jurisdictions for their international business.

The selection of a jurisdiction for either international trade or investment can often be difficult and requires very careful consideration, and it can be a complex decision.

Our Business Development Team will be ready to help you.

Atrium & Associates offers you:

  • Full Tax Exempted International Company Formation Services
  • Business Packages, including Bank Account Opening Services

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The Onshore Alternative

New "Offshore" Solutions for International Trade and Tax Planning

Apart from the traditional offshore centres, many 'onshore' jurisdictions have corporate structures that are attractive to international users, such as:

Canada LP (British Columbia, Ontario and other Provinces), US LLC (Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, New York, Washington, and others), Northern Ireland LLP, Scottish LLP, UK LLP and some EU companies, such as the Dutch CV and Danish KV, thy are all examples of domestic structures of particular value for international tax planning purposes.

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Why Atrium & Associates is a Reliable Choice

  • Competitive Price Policy!
  • Offshore Business Experts!
  • Fast and Efficient Execution!
  • Strong Business Development Team!
  • Integrity and Due Diligence!
  • Dedicated Custom Relationship!

Throughout Atrium we are totally committed to ensuring that our clients' best interests are the foremost consideration in our administration of their international investment and business activities.

Should you have any question or matter you would like to discuss with us...

Our multi-lingual team of business advisors will be happy to assist you with all your questions and issues in relation to your company and guide you all over the incorporation process.

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