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Here, you will find brokers, financial and tax planners, accountants, auditors, insurers, internet and e-commerce solutions, trusts providers, wealth and asset managers, as well as company formation, legal, aviation and marine, corporate, banking, expatriate and pension services.

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Wilfred Services Ltd

Wilfred Services Ltd

Wilfred Services Limited not only facilitates the formation of companies, trusts or foundations across many jurisdictions, such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the British Virgin Islands, Nevis, Belize or Panama, just to name a few but provides the management and administration services that support the operation of your international entity. More Information »

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Our aim is to offer you the ability to locate a service provider specialising in the field of your choice, in the jurisdiction of your choice, with just a few clicks.

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The Service Providers' Directory offers firms the ability to highlight their services to one of the web's largest specialised tax, legal and offshore audiences. Our visitors include large numbers of corporates and HNWIs. Please contact directory@lowtax.net for further details.