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  • Jul 26, 2018   United Kingdo : hokey

    Before I leave this topic, there is one other important item on the EU's trade agenda, of course: Brexit. And it is anomalous that while the EU is making trade negotiations look relatively easy, a trade deal with the United Kingdom is being made very hard work indeed, especially since the UK and the EU already have a trade deal in place. It's a bit like knocking down the house you built because you fancy something a bit different. But then forgetting how you built it in the first place. And now you've got two sets of architects arguing over two very different specifications: open plan, light, and airy with easy access to the vegetable garden versus all partitioned and walled off with a gated entrance. They haven't even decided whether the gate will be an automatic affair, or whether you have to present your credentials to be let in. Let's just hope the new roof is in place before winter sets in. Not that I'm taking sides here, but it's obvious the clock is ticking, that the situation is becoming increasingly urgent, and that the British aren't helping their own cause with the Government seemingly incapable of showing a united front. Indeed, if the internal Brexit debate were set to music, it would surely have to be the hokey pokey. "You put your left hand in (the customs union), your right hand out (the common VAT area), in, out, in, out…" Little wonder, then, that the Government is shaking all about. Will it turn itself around? We certainly don't know what it's all about yet.
    Source: https://www.tax-news.com/news/UK_Must_Leave_EU_VAT_Area_UKs_Lower_House_Votes____86871.html


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