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  • May 30, 2013   Grenada: spicy

    The nutmeg capital of the world? How many of you knew that it was Grenada? Nutmeg ranks high in my consciousness because it is an essential ingredient of mulled wine, which is an vital prophylactic if you spend time in the winter in a death-trap like the United Kingdom. I suppose that doesn't quite entitle Grenada to a star in this column, but what does do so is the island's energetic response to its recent tribulations, which included severe hurricane damage early in the century, and major setbacks in the all-important tourist sector during the debt crisis. We also shouldn't forget the Cricket World Cup, which may not seem to have much to do with business, but whose success reflected a go-for-it mentality and left behind much improved facilities on many levels which are now helping the island to make progress.
    Source: www.lowtax.net/asp/story/front/Grenada_Adapts_VAT_Regime____60845.html


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