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  • Understanding Stamp Duty Land Tax

    Understanding Stamp Duty Land Tax


    21 Mar, 2018

    Stamp duty land tax or SDLT is a tax paid when purchasing property or land across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. A separate Land and Buildings Transaction Tax now applies in Scotland...
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  • something worthy of further study

    something worthy of further study

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    07 Mar, 2018

    Canada's Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, said last month that Canada would not be rushed into responding to the tax reforms just enacted in the United States until the implications of the measures have been fully worked out...
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  • Real Estate Market Seems to be Back in Rude Health

    Real Estate Market Seems to be Back in Rude Health

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    13 Jun, 2013

    It's not fair, is it, at least not judged from the perspective of say a jobless Greek or Italian home owner, that the United States real estate market seems to be back in rude health less than five years after mortgage-linked CDOs nearly brought the global house of financial cards crashing to the ground. Yet the picture in the US looks more positive than it has done than at any time in the last five or six years: metropolitan area median home prices continued to rise in the first quarter of 2013, with the national gain showing the best year-over-year performance in over seven years, according to the latest quarterly report by the National Association of Realtors.
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  • So Encrusted With Regulatory Barnacles

    So Encrusted With Regulatory Barnacles

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    20 Sep, 2012

    Recommendations are not action, so it is with hesitation that I award Italy a star for proposing a sweeping reform of small business start-up procedures. The problem is that, like a ship's hull after 30 years in the water, Italy's polity is so encrusted with regulatory barnacles, rights and privileges, and the trade unions are so intertwined with big government, in all the nastiest senses of the word, that it a devilish job just to know where to start. In fact the problem goes way back: Italy was a founding member of the EU in 1952, so there has been 60 years for the Brussels gravy train to infect and undermine economic sanity in all branches of the Italian state, not just in the mezzogiorno (the south). Then there's the mafia, under its various names, and we all know how they react to any attempt to take away their patrimony. So, fingers crossed, and good luck to Mr Monti, who knows what to do. But don't hold your breath!
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