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  • Moving Houses Of Parliament

    Moving Houses Of Parliament

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    26 Jul, 2019

    With the United Kingdom grabbing the headlines this week anyway, with the appointment (one can hardly properly call it an election) of new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, it probably makes sense to focus on the UK this week...
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  • Why choose New Zealand as an offshore financial centre?

    Why choose New Zealand as an offshore financial centre?

    Vivier and Co

    27 Jul, 2018

    Small and geographically remote, New Zealand is far from being a traditional offshore financial centre. However, part of Australasia, this country is financially sophisticated and offers investors all the advantages of any other...
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  • The proverb about people in glass houses springs to mind

    The proverb about people in glass houses springs to mind

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    23 May, 2017

    Time and again countries are urged to reduce the tax burden on labor and transfer it to indirect taxes such as VATs and GSTs. But recent evidence suggests that the opposite might be happening...
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  • Reformers At Loggerheads

    Reformers At Loggerheads

    Global Tax Insights

    06 Mar, 2014

    Surely I can't write today without mentioning Dave Camp's tax reform draft, which will presumably go the way of his colleague Max Baucus’s equivalent drafts. That two such intricately crafted prescriptions for a future US tax system will fall victim to bi-partisan politics may seem an indictment of democracy as she is practised nowadays, and indeed the Economist asks this week whether democracy is failing us. Of course it concludes, as did Winston Churchill, that democracy is a bad system – but that all the others are worse.
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  • Winter Dreams

    Winter Dreams

    Global Tax Insights

    12 Dec, 2013

    The Tory toffs who are running the British Government seem to be doing a reasonable job, despite the LibDem barnacles encrusting their hull and slowing progress. The Chancellor's Autumn Statement last week had some disappointing aspects, but by and large it does the right things, particularly by helping small businesses in various ways. I don't know quite what to make of the grandiose package of tax avoidance measures: surely it is mostly grandstanding? Having committed themselves so thoroughly at the Lough Earne G20 summit to abolishing BEPS, they probably had no choice but to make a big song and dance about it. But most thoughtful commentators have by now concluded that the whole BEPS circus will change very little in the real world. So there is no point in criticizing the Brits for continuing to push the bandwaggon along.
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