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  • Worried about Brexit? Don't be

    Worried about Brexit? Don't be

    Vivier and Co

    21 Mar, 2018

    Economists in favour of Remain largely agree that leaving the EU will deal a considerable blow to UK exports to Europe and weaken Foreign Direct Investment, which could lead to an increase in unemployment and a fall in GDP...
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  • removal of deductions gives ample scope for a tax cut

    removal of deductions gives ample scope for a tax cut

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    07 Mar, 2016

    I do sympathize with governments sometimes (although admittedly not very often), as there seem to be occasions when they just can't win. They're constantly being told by the likes of the OECD and the IMF to eradicate special tax regimes...
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  • Kenya - pillar of good investment practices in Africa

    Kenya - pillar of good investment practices in Africa

    Healy Consultants Group PLC

    18 Mar, 2015

    To further improve their citizens' well-being and quality of life, Governments aim for prolonged periods of economic growth. In most cases, assistance from private enterprises plays a key role in the economic development...
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  • Fast Welcome to the Czech Republic. Great New Visa Procedure

    Fast Welcome to the Czech Republic. Great New Visa Procedure

    Freemont Group

    03 Sep, 2013

    As a landlocked country with a small economy but great geographical positioning, the Czech Republic continuously attempts to attract foreign investors. In order to speed up the process of the internal employees transfer of foreign company's branch located in the Czech Republic, the accelerated visa procedure named "Welcome Package" has been developed earlier this year and entered in force last month.
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  • Eat Your Heart Out, London!

    Eat Your Heart Out, London!

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    15 Aug, 2013

    Competition is the number one operating principle between countries as between species, individuals and companies, so Switzerland and Luxembourg are demonstrating their evolutionary fitness by seizing leadership of the continental European Renminbi market. Of course, the very assets that have allowed them to become two of the most successful "offshore" jurisdictions are the ones that are making it easy for them to make the running in renminbis: low tax rates, flexible corporate forms, openness to international business flows and a high level of financial expertise.
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    Tags: Euro | Dubai

  • A Letta for Šemeta

    A Letta for Šemeta

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    02 May, 2013

    Not sure if the Bundesbank counts as Germany, but we'll give it a prize because its President, Jens Weidmann, attacked the Financial Transactions Tax this week, which is music to my ears, you can imagine, and which is all the more remarkable given that Germany has been one of the prime movers as regards the FTT. On their own, Weidmann's criticisms won't kill the miserable animal, but coupled with legislative action in the US Congress, the UK's application to the European Court of Justice based on irregularities in the "variable geometry" 11-country structure, and perhaps best of all, the near-total failure of the French and Italian prototype FTTs (the Italian tax garnered a measly EUR29m in its first six months as against an expectation of EUR150m), it is looking distinctly wobbly.
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    Tags: Dubai

  • Untaxing your Intellectual Property

    Untaxing your Intellectual Property

    Freemont Group

    01 Mar, 2013

    Every business that possesses intellectual property should look at whether it is feasible to reduce its tax burden through international tax planning. Intellectual Property (IP) is the term given to the legal rights attached to certain assets which are not tangible. Examples are: ideas, concepts, inventions, written works. The inventor or originator of an idea possesses the legal right to exclusively use, enjoy and benefit from the idea.
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  • The Washington Follies at least provided a piece of real news

    The Washington Follies at least provided a piece of real news

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    10 Jan, 2013

    I suppose we are going to have to welcome the last-minute "fiscal cliff" deal in Washington, although the IMF damned it with faint praise, on the grounds that it could have been worse. Yes, some taxes were raised (but could have been raised much more), and yes, a number of important tax breaks were extended, although others, like the payroll tax cut, were not.
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  • Sun-soaked ex-British colonies

    Sun-soaked ex-British colonies

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    18 Oct, 2012

    Malta, one of the ten countries which enlarged the EU in 2005, seems to have made a better fist of its natural and artificial advantages than the other sun-soaked ex-British colonies in the Mediterraean, Cyprus and Gibraltar, and now it has launched a neat scheme to encourage retirees to take up residence there. Gibraltar, being so small, can't encourage too many immigrants, so its HINWI scheme is rather aimed at high-earning executives, while Cyprus seems too introverted to focus on specific incentives for immigrants, although with a 5% tax rate for pension income, perhaps it hardly needs to. Where Malta has really shone is in e-commerce, building a formidable position in e-gaming, while Gibraltar seems to have frittered away a good early lead in that sector.
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  • Emerging markets continue to grow

    Emerging markets continue to grow

    Freemont Group

    02 Aug, 2012

    Developing economies in Asia, South America and Africa continue to grow in spite of economic depression in the US and EU, says Ernst & Young in collaboration with Oxford Economics in their Rapid-growthmarket forecast (RGM). “RGMs are likely to weather the ongoing Eurozone crisis and remain engines of global growth, though many will see expansion slow this year. Their expansion is expected to accelerate once more in 2013.”
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