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  • Gibraltar as a Port of Registry

    Gibraltar as a Port of Registry

    Europa Trust Company Ltd

    19 Oct, 2016

    Does your vessel enjoy the protection of the British Navy? Can you access the global network of British embassies and consulates when you are in trouble? If your vessel is registered in Gibraltar...
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  • Registering a Yacht in Gibraltar

    Registering a Yacht in Gibraltar

    Europa Trust Company Ltd

    05 Aug, 2016

    The Gibraltar Yacht Registry is an internationally recognised, high quality registry providing an efficient and cost-effective service, it is an ideal choice for yacht owners who want the confidence of belonging to a British Register and flying the Red Ensign...
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  • It's either a foolhardy move, or a brave one

    It's either a foolhardy move, or a brave one

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    04 Aug, 2016

    Britannia may no longer rule the waves, but it is still the world's fifth-largest economy, home to arguably the most important financial center in the world (I'm never quite sure how such things are measured...
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  • Gibraltar Budget 2016

    Gibraltar Budget 2016

    Europa Trust Company Ltd

    06 Jul, 2016

    The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, delivered his 5th budget speech to the Gibraltar Parliament on 5 July 2016. Europa Trust Company reports on the first British budget following the 'Brexit' vote...
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  • EU Membership For Spangaltar!

    EU Membership For Spangaltar!

    Global Tax Insights

    22 Nov, 2013

    I'm going to give an award to the European Union for its refusal to rise to Spain's allegations against Gibraltar's low tax regime, alongside the measured acceptance by an EU delegation of new Spanish border controls, which everyone realizes are a tit-for-tat response to Gibraltar's dumping of concrete blocks into its harbour, for some obscure purpose which may possibly have something to do with fishing. The EU is the only party to this imbroglio that has shown a modicum of grown-up common sense. Gibraltar, encouraged by the UK, and Spain, seem incapable of rational behaviour on the subject of Gibraltar's sovereignty. What meaning can be attached to the idea of European unity when this 400-year-old squabble is allowed to smoulder on by two of the EU's largest member states? Spain's tax complaint was curious, given that Gibraltar's tax regime has
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