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  • Prentice Progress

    Prentice Progress

    Global Tax Insights

    13 Jan, 2014

    It's nice to be able to welcome France's support for apprenticeship as a means for assisting youngsters into the workforce, even if the Constitutional Court had to stop the Government from doing a bit of gerrymandering by distributing its largesse mostly to friendly regions. The failure of other nations to copy Germany in its devotion to the concept of apprenticeship is nearly inexplicable. Actually, I can see where it's coming from: if you are a fan of equality, opportunity for all and the rest, then you want to give less bright children and those from poorer backgrounds the opportunity to shine at senior school, and go to University (to get a useless degree in media studies). Unfortunately, the result is to deprive the "old" industries of skilled workers, and to inflate the pool of unemployed and unemployable youth.
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  • Neither could remember whether they had ever eaten one

    Neither could remember whether they had ever eaten one

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    31 May, 2012

    The UK wins this week's first encomium for abolishing a tax. Mind you, the government hadn't much choice after it was heaped with ridicule during 'pastygate'. In England, pasties are a rather down-market food often bought by poorer people hot from take-aways, big on pastry and potato, with a token piece of meat hiding somewhere in the middle. Operators of take-aways said they would let the pasties cool off before selling them (avoiding the tax) and instal diy ovens for customers to re-heat them. But the best was that neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor (both seriously rich toffs) could remember whether they had ever eaten one. Probably not!
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