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  • Offshore Bank License 2015

    Offshore Bank License 2015


    12 Feb, 2015

    Offshore bank licenses are back. FATCA and pressure from the US kept offshore bank licenses in check 2012 - 2014. Now that FATCA is the law of the land, offshore bank licenses are available...
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    Tags: Offshore | Banking

  • Offshore Bank Capital Requirements

    Offshore Bank Capital Requirements


    11 Feb, 2015

    Offshore banks capital requirements, ratios and reserves are an important part of selecting a jurisdiction for a new bank license. Here are the basics of offshore bank capital requirements...
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    Tags: Offshore | Banking

  • How to Open a Bank Account in Indonesia

    How to Open a Bank Account in Indonesia


    02 Sep, 2014

    Bank Account in Indonesia – One of the critical things for companies or foreigner investors wanting invest in Indonesia is opening of bank account. First thing is to understand process of opening and what type of accounts exists.
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  • Singapore corporate banking

    Singapore corporate banking

    Healy Consultants Group PLC

    20 May, 2014

    Singapore banking sector is amongst the most preferred in the world. Consequently, Singapore business banking solutions are in excess demand
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  • In The Name Of God, Go!

    "In The Name Of God, Go!"

    Global Tax Insights

    20 Mar, 2014

    The outgoing European Parliament is remaining true to its warped principles, and is going out on a high, waving through a suicidal prescription for enhancement of the AMLD. Ah, you didn't know? That stands for the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and to give you an idea of how it works, last week a friend of mine in Italy received a letter from a local bank (mischievously backdated by two months) demanding immediate compliance with the Directive, on pain of account closure.
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  • Offshore banking in Hong Kong

    Offshore banking in Hong Kong

    Healy Consultants Group PLC

    12 Mar, 2014

    Offshore banking in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong offshore banking strategies are popular due to Hong Kong’s excellent reputation as a financial and banking centre. The procedure of opening a bank account in Hong Kong is quick and straightforward.
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  • How NOT to Create Your Own Currency - The Cost of Physical Money

    How NOT to Create Your Own Currency - The Cost of Physical Money

    Healy Consultants Group PLC

    10 Feb, 2014

    Think it would be easy to create your own currency? Think again. Beyond the fact you need to own a country, the processes surrounding currency have changed a lot over the years. Today, many are wondering if a cashless society is the next big leap forward in finance on planet Earth.
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    Tags: Currency | Banks | Banking

  • Nothing forced Switzerland into an embrace with the EU

    Nothing forced Switzerland into an embrace with the EU

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    17 Oct, 2013

    Let's suppose that one (you, that is, or me) was offered to be Prime Minister of a European country (and for this purpose we won't count Russia as being European in the light of President Putin's recent behaviour) – which one would you choose? Obviously it won't be Ukraine, because you'll end up in prison, or Italy, because you'll hardly be in the job long enough to get to know your chauffeur.
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    Tags: Euro

  • bolt-holes for over-taxed, diamond-encrusted individuals

    bolt-holes for over-taxed, diamond-encrusted individuals

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    19 Sep, 2013

    The UK's crown dependencies have been falling over themselves this last week, culminating with a panegyric from the the Isle of Man, to welcome David Cameron's declaration in the House of Commons that they are no longer to be regarded as "tax havens." Cameron's statement also applied to Bermuda and the Caribbean jurisdictions. The fact of the matter however is that the British "ex-offshore" pearl necklace of the one-time disregarded rocky oceanic outcrops which make up the majority of the world's low-tax jurisdictions are no more but also no less tax havens than they ever were.
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  • The Smaller The Better

    The Smaller The Better

    Freemont Group

    02 Sep, 2013

    To those who believe decentralized government is preferable over centralised decision making it should come as no surprise it is the small countries in Europe, none of which are part of the EU, that offer the highest standards of living.
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    Tags: Euro



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