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  • Japan's Import Tariff On Rice Is – Wait For It – 778%!

    Japan's Import Tariff On Rice Is – Wait For It – 778%!

    Kitty Miv, Editor

    04 Apr, 2013

    How seriously should we take the free trade agreement negotiations between China, Japan and South Korea? Stick two pins in a map of the world, and you'll probably find that the two countries concerned are involved in one or more trade agreements, either in place or being negotiated. There are only a few hold-outs from the secular process of minimizing or abolishing cross-border obstacles to free trade; North Korea springs to mind. The WTO has 159 members and there are 24 countries in the waiting room (observer status), while the United Nations has 193 members, leaving only ten nations which aren't aspiring to belong to both. Then there is a bewildering number of regional trade groupings, amongst which the EU, NAFTA, MERCOSUR, ASEAN and CARICOM are obvious examples; but there are lots of others.
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