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Wyoming LLC Benefits

04 July, 2017

Wyoming is the fastest growing state for low-cost, low-maintenance and no state tax incorporation. Forming a limited liability company in Wyoming will bring your business significant benefits.

No state tax

There are NO state taxes in Wyoming on a limited liability company (LLC). You may not pay State taxes at all with your Wyoming LLC.

No citizenship requirements

You can form your Wyoming LLC from anywhere in the world and there is no requirement on citizenship either. You don't have to be a US citizen to operate Wyoming LLC.

Number of owners unlimited

Wyoming LLC can have an unlimited number of membership. The minimum is one single owner.

Asset protection and limited liability

LLC is recognized as a separate legal entity with its own Federal tax ID number, therefore the company is responsible for its debts and liabilities. Also, a Wyoming LLC has a strong asset protection law (one of the strongest in the US).

Unlimited duration

The company may operate beyond this lifetime, there are no limitations.

Low set up costs

A Wyoming LLC is inexpensive comparing to other states in the US. You can incorporate Wyoming LLC for as low as $189 USD including state fees.


Members and/or managers are not listed on public record. Furthermore, no information on shareholders is collected or share with the Secretary of State. In a Wyoming LLC, nominee officers and directors can be used as well as bearer shares to enhance privacy.

Low capitalization

There are no minimum capitalization requirements on a Wyoming LLC. For example, Texas would require you to put at least $1,000 USD to your entity on formation.


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