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Why Dubai? Understanding the world's brightest business destination

Europe Emirates
05 June, 2017

With annual business growth averaging at 33% over the last decade, Dubai can justifiably claim to be one of the world's pre-eminent and most progressive locations for international commerce. With the prime objective of attracting the world's top enterprises, Dubai has established a business-friendly landscape, supported by generous tax and regulatory regimes which allow for powerful, sustained growth.

Zero tax

The foundation of Dubai's success lies in its accommodating tax regime. With zero tax for businesses and income generated in the emirate, as well as no property tax on real estate, its a location that provides an ideal platform for reinvestment and growth.

Free Zones

Created specifically with foreign companies in mind, Dubai offers more than twenty Free Zones, which welcome companies under full foreign ownership with the benefit of zero import taxes and 100% repatriation of profits.

World-class infrastructure

Offering an unparalleled standard of living, Dubai is the quintessential modern metropolis. Superb facilities, spectacular accommodation and super-efficient transport links set the bar for 21st century city living. With two airports, the emirate is already one of the world's most important hubs for air travel, its crossroads location offering fast, easy access to the rest of the UAE, Africa, Asia and Central Europe.

Talent pool

Attracted by the business-friendly environment, exceptional standard of living and vast commercial opportunities, Dubai has welcomed many of the world's leading lights in all sectors of industry and commerce. As a result, the emirate is not only a rich talent pool for prospective employers, but also a hotbed of networking and collaboration. A vibrant, competitive environment where the innovative and the visionary excel and ambition flourishes.

Europe Emirates Group – your entry point to Dubai's limitless potential

From start-ups to established multinational corporations, Europe Emirates Group have the expertise and the wealth of local knowledge to assist ventures of all sizes – from their very first steps in Dubai to the management of sustained and spectacular growth. Assigning you with a dedicated specialist as your point of contact at all times, Europe Emirates Group can help with every aspect of setting up and running a business in the emirate, from assessing start-up costs and making the most of Dubai's benign regulatory landscape to company registration, recruitment and growth management. To find out more about Dubai's world-class business opportunities, call Europe Emirates Group on +971 4 311 6547 or email info@uae-eu.com

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