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What is an LLC?

18 October, 2017

In Nevada, there is a whole range of businesses you can form, a simple partnership firm or a Nevada C corporation, or a Nevada Limited Liability Company.

Let's take a closer look at a Nevada Limited Liability Company.

An LLC is a business organization or more commonly a private limited company. The business structure offers the benefits of several business forms, for example the benefits of pass-through taxation of sole proprietorship or benefits of limited liability of a C corporation/S corporation. LLCs are not corporations.

Some of the benefits of forming a Limited Liability Company in Nevada include:

  • Nevada LLC ownership and corporate shares are not a subject to taxes
  • Nevada LLC profits are not taxed
  • Nevada LLC can issue stock for services, real estate, personal property, etc.
  • To form an LLC, you do not need to be a resident of Nevada

Nevada is known as the most favorable states for forming a Limited Liability Company in the United States. The process is very simple:

LLC name

Choosing your company's name is the first step. You will have to make sure that the name you intend to use is not already taken by another entity. You can conduct the search online here.

Nevada Registered Agent

Every LLC must appoint a registered agent in Nevada. The registered agent will take care of all necessary requirements, such as notifying you of any legal and business related paperwork received on behalf of your company.

Articles of Organization

After you've chosen your company's name, you will have to file the Articles of Organization and provide the chosen LLC name, the name and address of your LLC's registered agent, the name and addresses of managers and other managing members, and the name of the organizer. Your register agent is required to present a Registered Agent Acceptance form.


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